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  1. Nitro McClean

    Grand Prix Karting Red Bull Ring 1.0

    Formula one meets karting. Imagine a track with the layout of a Formula One track and the dimensions, look and feel of an outdoor karting track. That is exactly what Grand Prix Karting is. This one is the Red Bull Ring.
  2. L

    SPEEDWORLD EURO-Rennstrecke - Bruck an der Leitha - "Strecke 2"

    Hello Racefans! :) Update NEW: Remeshing the track (now "smoother") NEW: Handpainted track texture NEW: AI - Fast lane & Pit lane NEW: CSP "Grass FX" enabled NEW: 3D-grass for non CSP users NEW: Animated flags NEW: Animated Startlamps NEW: Fans, Marshalls, TV cameras UPDATE: Kerbs...
  3. R

    V10 1000HP Kart Download ?

    Hello, i saw this video and wanted to try the kart out for myself. But i cant find the download anywhere. Can someone help me ?
  4. Raymond Racing

    Mario Kart Skins for Cercata Karts 1.0

    This set of skins are for the karts made by @Cercata that can be downloaded Here. Each skin is fully compatible with all 7 Kart types available. To apply these liveries, go into "steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars", then find the kart type you want to apply the liveries to...
  5. A

    Kart layout add-on for Ahvenisto RC new1

    It was luring to make the kart track of Ahvenisto fully functional and I couldn't resist. Install: make sure your "Ahvenisto Race Circuit" is working and then add this layout by placing the contents of the .7z in "..\content\tracks\" folder of the game. Confirm merging of folders. All...
  6. XuCrUtZ

    WIP: Velopark 0.3.1

    A work in progress kart and hotlap circuit, built with Race Track Builder. Real photos:
  7. shadow118

    Honda CB750 Monster Crosskart 2019-12-28

    Monster livery for the Honda CB750 Crosskart. Besides the Monster color scheme I also added K&N suspension, Sparco belts, a red steering wheel and an 8-ball shiftknob
  8. A

    Okayama Kart layouts 2019-09-09

    Found a very nice and useful additional 2 layouts of this track Try "Track day" or "Weekend", for Kart or Drift - your choice ;) Follow the AI`s to find the place... Just like a party that you were not invited to. Installation: unpack in "\AssettoCorsa\content\tracks\okayama\". No files are...
  9. jurik1984

    KS-76 0.9.9

    Soviet vintage karting from 1976. Produced by Patriot from Leningrad (St. Petersburg) for the USSR national team for the international championship of Eastern Europe. This car is prepared for national class Union A (Soyuzny A) and Union B (Soyuzny B) of Soviet Union and for International class...
  10. tonio racing

    Circuit de la Sarrée|Fun Kart mod 2019-05-27

    Here is the mod of the track of la Sarrée in France at Le-bar-Sur-Loup. Voici le mod du circuit de la Sarrée en France au Bar-Sur-Loup. Appelé aussi Fun Kart ou Ruffa Kart.
  11. Amanda

    Farroupilha Kartódromo 0.1

    Took me quite a while, but I'm finally uploading this track. It's a fun kart track here in my home town. Track is bare bones and is not DX11 ready, if memory serves me correct. So disable PP filters to have a somewhat decent experience on it. Credits/thanks to @Rodrigo Casaces for the main...
  12. Rupe Wilson


    Central thread to discuss KartKraft from Black Delta
  13. B

    Graveyard Deathway 0.444

    Take a ride around Graveyard Deatheway - small karting track somewhere in Pennsylvania, which was taken by... Halloween. Kart track created specially for Halloween! 2 version - with and without the fog.
  14. Benutzername

    What is the best championship format? ...we are planning a karting series

    What do i mean with that? Thinks like extra weight, BOP if you will. Is that good or not? Reverse starting grids in a second race? Something totally different? Please tell me what is your favourite or if you know clever alternatives. I am asking because we organise a local karting series for...
  15. C

    Goparc 2018 0.6

    The track: Goparc is an indoor kart track located in Mantova, Italy, and with is 750 meters long is one of the longest indoor kart track in the world. Some info: -10 pit box -AI doesn't work because of the narrowness of the track I recommend to use this mod...
  16. lianp1

    kart 250 martini real physics 2018-04-23

    just a kart with good grip
  17. Quadrado

    Kartodromo Cabo do Mundo 2018-03-21

    Not much to say. First time trying RTB and came up with this track since i drove it a lot. Located in Leça da Palmeira, in Porto, it's a track where several competitions occur every year. You can bring your own kart or you can rent one and have fun with a group or alone. It's a fun track, very...
  18. Popsu

    Tor Wyrazów 1.0

    Tor Wyrazów is a small kart track located in Poland, that was used in 2000's mostly by drifters. The track is now closed. I used some textures from Tor Poznań track mod. Check it out. Awesome work, great mod. I am not working on this track right now and i don't want it to go to waste, that's...
  19. S

    Lublin Track [Rest In Peace] 2018-01-29

    Hi I show you track with sad story now look like this and look this link http://www.spalacz.pl/ostatnie-okrazenie-na-torze-lublin but we have this track in game , I know this is not perfect but great for drift :) have fun :D
  20. carloscasas

    Kartodromo Internacional Valencia - Karting 2018-01-22

    One of the new developments that we have been investigating for some time, is the virtual circuit for digitizing our game. In this case, for those who love simulators, the International Kartodromo Lucas Guerrero is pleased to present the layout of our track rFactor1, rFactor2,Kart Racing Pro and...