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Ironbark Hills

Ironbark Hills 0.6.5b

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Needs update but there's a good base in here.
Why still no ai, useless like this, sadly
Sorry, I don't race against AI, so it wasn't a priority for this release.

I am working on a few updates and should have a 0.6 mach 2 release soon with some extra goodies.
Mate are you still working on updating this track? It's an incredibly fun track, congratulations on your work :)
Thanks for the kind words. Very happy you enjoy my track.
Funny enough the last couple of weeks i have been tinkering away. Very slowly, still doing bits and pieces.
Hoping to have an update out at some stage soon.
I love this track. The layout reminds me of tracks from the 60s and 70s. It has a nice, natural feel to it. Its a wonderful challenge to drive!

I hope development continues. Excellent work !
Im really loving your work so far :) I enjoy fictional tracks and it takes creativity to get them really good. Im not sure if this is the place to ask but how do you make those sand pits in Race Track Builder, when i experimented the only thing i found was painting the texture on but that isn't very good. Anyways, great work!
Awesome track! Waiting for the improvements
I have written a review for 0.5 already and I appear to have deleted it -oops

Basically I love the whole track fantastic work

What needs work
-Left hander after tree section prefer the old one - nothing especially bad about this one
-Pitlane - nice to add it just needs enhancement
-General detail

Please, please, please don't touch T4-T9 - I love it. Great braking zone into T5, tricky one exit T4 is wonderful. Rest of the track is great

Love the retro style - love the kerbs

General points
- Still is very well optimised
- Good detail in places
- Track feels abit slower probably less camber

Maybe have a look at re-implementing that old left hander along with the current one - might change the flow!

Still really enjoyable - 5/5
Thank you.
With the left hander after the tree section (turn 11), I was trying to create a bit of a braking zone for a potential overtaking spot, and also limit the amount of long sweeping corners. But have had multiple people say they preferred the old long sweeper better. ..and I suppose there are quite a few other potential overtaking spots...

I might do one more release from RTB, this time with an altered turn 11... and see what people think. As hte prvious layout with the long sweeping T11 also had a slower T10... so could be interesting. :P

I have already started adding heaps more trackside objects and details, but I am only using what I can find in XPacks, so don't expect anything really fancy or detailed. :D

Also, I have started the process of converting this track layout over into Blender... it is very very early, and I am still very much learning, so will be a slow process, but hopefully one I can stick out and produce a nice track for everyone to enjoy.
As _LJB1 said in his review of the previous 0.4 version, there is a TON of potential with this layout. It's a strange layout. Maybe that's what I like about it? So many of the turns are double-apex like on Twin Ring Motegi. It changes the way you have to approach the turn and makes this layout standout on its own instead of being the same ole thing.

It is a shame that you aren't using 3dsmax or Blender because I think this has the potential to be really, really awesome layout. I think the track itself would need a teeny bit of tweaking, but even if the track surface all stayed the same...I could see myself running a lot of laps on here.

I won't repeat everything that _LJB1 said, but his thoughts are right on the money with mine. It needs atmosphere, but I guess Race Track Builder doesn't work that way. A shame...
i love this track, thanks
Wonderful layout, this track is extremely enjoyable to drive, some of the fast chicanes are a real pleasure as the camber helps you build speed. I enjoy turn 1, it's quite different from the rest of the track and the elevation changes give the track a unique feel.

This track runs perfectly well on my computer - I get over 200fps everywhere so for me there is lots of headroom for the things I will outline later!

The main reason that this is not 5 but 4 stars is because the track lacks unique scenery. It took me a few more laps than it usually takes for me to learn this circuit when compared to others, and that is due to the repetitive scenery of trees and concrete walls.

Take Suzuka for example, it has a Ferris Wheel, Monaco has the Casinos, Silverstone has the pit building.

This track is great but it lacks that one unique feature, the one part of the track that makes a great track a fantastic one. I'm not saying add Eau Rouge or Tabac or Copse but I think you could add something that sets it apart.

I would also as a matter of necessity implement some grid markings and an overhead start light gantry. I would also like to see some pit paraphernalia and generally more detail.

As for the pits, make sure to add a speed limit - the norm is about 80kph.

This detail could be in the form of extra sponsors, grandstands, tyre marks in traction and braking zones - maybe even some resurfaced parts of the track especially in the most cambered zones - look at the Karussell at the Nurburgring.

Another thing that I would look to improve is the replay camera's, it doesn't personally effect me, but may encourage people to make YT videos on your track!

I feel like there is a lot of criticism in this review - but honestly I love the track - I probably wouldn't have written such a lengthy review if I didn't care! It's a great start, well done and stick at it!

Good luck!
Thanks for the great review.
But as you can see, I haven't really touched this for over a year. All the things you mentioned, I had planned, and would love to implement, but I got to a point where I really needed to learn Blender or Max to bring the track up to the level that I wanted.

Not really having the time to do this, I kind of abandoned the project. To create a proper track is still on my wishlist of things I'd like to achieve, so perhaps one day I will revisit this and bring it up to the level that I always wanted.
This track is really nice to drive and once you've memorized the track, the blind corners are especially rewarding to drive.
Definitely one of my favorite tracks! :)
Thanks mate. Hopefully I will be able to release an update in the future. I have run out of time lately, and waiting on seeing where RTB progresses from here before committing too much time...
Very nice track layout. Lovely corners and nice flow.
It could use some improvement on bringing the track alive some more. Track side objects, some bumps in the track surface, etc.

If you need help with the cams, send me a message.
really amazing track layout. lots of fast, sweeping corners, and some tighter hairpins. nice change from the modern track meta of "really long straight, heavy braking for pointless chicane, another straight, hairpin, chicane, repeat"

regarding race track builder, how is it to work with? have you considered streaming/recording any of the build process? I'd love to see more practical tutorial stuff with this tool
This is developing really nicely. It's a great addition to the AC tracks and lots of fun to drive.
Looking excellent.

I actually like unsighted corners, they reward track knowledge. But mostly, I like this track because it is fast flowing with a huge variety to the corners.

Very challenging. Keep up the good work!
Fantastic Track, after a couple of sight laps haha. Whereabouts in Central Vic is it in? I live in Bendigo, so this is really cool to drive a local track in AC, whether it is fictional or not.
For some reason, this might be the most difficult track I've ever driven on. Seriously.
I tried with the Lotus 49 and ended up on the grass all the time...
Loooots of tricky blind corners...
This is one of the "RAGE tracks". (>_<')
It needs lots of work in the graphics department but it has big potential.
Haha. Thanks for the feedback, I think. :D
It is a fairly tricky circuit, one you have to work pretty hard at, but once you do a few laps you'll be fine. You should have seen the first version I sent to my friends... waaay more blind corners.
Wow! This is exactly the type of tracks I love for driving my street cars and you're off to an amazing start. I love the cambered sections of road. You've done a great job making sure that the track isn't completely flat, like Silverstone, but if it were up to me I would make more elevation variations. You might want to add some sandpits in the runoff areas of the sharper turns where cars are carrying more speed. Otherwise, the cars just slide on the grass forever! You're off to a great start! This track has so much potential, but I think the general layout/shape is fantastic. Please keep developing this track. Experiment with different texture maps so the road looks like it's had certain sections repaved or repaired. Maybe even add in just a couple of small bumps (imperfections) at a couple of spots around the track. The best tracks look a bit dirty and worn. You've got the talent to make this a perfect track!
Thanks very much for the feedback. I am still at the stage of getting the layout just right and fine tweaking corners, cambers, and elevations. So no real work as gone into the looks department just yet. That will come later. ;)