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International Formula 3 0.8

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  1. Ian Franssen

    MAK-Corp has released the International Formula 3 series for rFactor2!

    "We are proud to release our second mod for rFactor 2 called the International Formula Series 3 (IFS3). The International Formula Series 3 is a single spec series that will be featured in the World Racing Simulation title. An rFactor 2 version is being released as an introduction to our self made series. The IFS3 series is a feeder series for the IFS2 and IFS1 series that will be featured in WRS.

    Featuring three different engines with over 200hp, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Piedrafita engines with unique performances are available to be selected through the vehicle tuning area of rFactor 2. You can also have a choice of two tire manufacturer's, Cooper and Dunlop, each with their own performance characteristics.

    Featuring 18 different drivers from the MAK-Corp staff in 18 different livery, this mod offers you yet another open wheel racing experience within rF2."

Recent Reviews

  1. Kris Cobb
    Kris Cobb
    Version: 0.8
    Awesome car!
  2. Maxim Pautov
    Maxim Pautov
    Version: 0.7
    Very good youth series!
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