Inmersive Filter - AC.Competizione test v0.5.5

This is a filter i made by myself trying to make AC looks like ACC

  1. New Filter added

    I had a review about the "Feedback" line in the .ini file making the clouds or shadows flicker on screen no mater the value, so i make a copy of the original "Inmersive_ACC.ini" (v0.5) and create a Darker version with FEEDBACK off, less bright and less contrast for clouds. I hope this helps, in my monitor no matter the feedback is ON or OFF, the clouds still white but don't make me BLIND, so is hard for me to change this just thinking on other Monitor. Anyway lets see how it works :)
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  2. Tweak Sunlight-Glare and reflections on car and street

    Tweak Sunlight-Glare and reflections on car and street
    Screenshots on Post
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  3. New Tonemaping - Sun Glare - etc..

    Sunlight and Glare redone (more bright and more bloom, plus the godrays disapear when the sun is completely blocked by trees or objects)

    New Tonemaping and Color saturation

    New sunlight reflection on car

    New headlight-brakelight glare bloom and feedback

    I hope you like the change :)
    20180617200049_1.jpg 20180617200323_1.jpg 20180617200451_1.jpg 20180617200747_1.jpg 20180617200858_1.jpg 20180617201157_1.jpg 20180617201555_1.jpg ...
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  4. Inmersive Filter - AC.Competizione test 1

    I made it again from 0.
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