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Initial D Arcade Boost Gauge

Initial D Arcade Boost Gauge 2.2

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This is a simple app that shows your turbo boost info.
You can choose between two boost units (bar/psi).
It's also designed to suit the style with Initial D Arcade HUD / Tachometer.

New features and changes in V2.2:
All textures are now rendered with OpenGL.
Real-time scaling support (no need to restart the game anymore).

Other apps of Initial D Arcade HUD Series:
Initial D Arcade HUD
Initial D Arcade Tachometer

If you enjoy my works, please consider buy me a beer. ^ ^

Some people had encountered issue since V2.0 and above.
But unfortunately I couldn't reproduce the bug to understand what happened.
If you are still having issues, please consider using old version instead. (below V2.0)

V2.0 and above requires Custom Shaders Patch 0.1.25 preview 50 or above to work, you can download it here or Install through Content Manager.


V2.1 Demo:

Latest updates

  1. Real-Time Scaling Support

    New features and changes in V2.2: All textures are now rendered with OpenGL. Real-time scaling...
  2. Good Old Days & Simplism

    New features and changes in V2.1: New theme available: Initial D Arcade Stage Ver.3 New theme...
  3. Small One Big Step : Scaling Issue Hotfix

    This update fixes the display issue when the scale isn't set to 100. PLEASE WATCH THE TUTORIAL...

Latest reviews

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Thanks for the HUD mod, I use it sometimes when recording arcade-style replays.

Although with the latest custom shader patch it doesn't seem to work, I see only background loaded, but no dial, please consider updating.
Upvote 0
Does not work anymore (20.06.2019) even with updated the shaders, crashes game everytime if i try to place the app ingame.
Upvote 0
Really excellent - th eonly issue at the moment is when scaling multiplier for the turbo is messed up at the moment. Really a worthy HUD alternative.
Vegetable Tsai
Vegetable Tsai
Sorry for messed up the scaling again, I will release a hotfix in few days. > <
Upvote 0
Very nice for stock cars, or most modded cars, but looking to see if I can edit the amount of pressure it shows for some other modded cars.
Ex. Toyota Supra running 4bar of boost.
Other then this, works great.
Upvote 0
Nice skins
Upvote 0
that's what i need!Thx!
Upvote 0
Not response anything???
Upvote 0
Finally! great app thanks for you work :)
Upvote 0
Good App.
Any chance to auto power off when you do not have turbo?
Upvote 0
looks like you figured out the boost gauge i recomended for the IDAS6 Hud. Awesome work mate
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Vegetable Tsai
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