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Gran Turismo HUD

Gran Turismo HUD 1.2.1

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Make sure your AC is running in "64-bit Mode" and has latest "Custom Shaders Patch" installed!

What you can get in V1.2:

Adjustable screen ratio. (From 4:3 to 21:9)
Tyre indicator now displays temperature (AC official tyres only) and pressure (AC official cars only) in color.

A full-screen Gran Turismo 5 HUD with fixed layout.
You can only change the scale and the position through "GT Settings" app.
An option to change the unit from "Metric" to "Imperial".
Proper calculated red zone and rev indicator.
Gear Indicator with clutch detection.
Analog Meters. (with option to turn off.)
Handbrake Indicator.

What's next in future updates?
Traction control support.
Gran Turismo 4 theme.

If you enjoy my works, please consider support me on Patreon. ^ ^

Screenshots & Videos:







Latest updates

  1. Minor Fixes

    Fixed 480km/h speed gauge texture. (Special thanks to RotaMota's report!) Added 400km/h speed...
  2. Ultrawide Screen & Tyre Temperature / Pressure Support

    New features and changes V1.2: Adjustable screen ratio. (From 4:3 to 21:9) Tyre indicator now...
  3. Analog Meters and more

    New features and changes in V1.1: Analog Meters. (with option to turn off.) Handbrake Indicator...

Latest reviews

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all i want is to be able to disable the timer but this is actually so sick
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For anyone who can't install, when you drag on CM, there is a little box saying "Install as mod too", so for me, it worked after that.
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Great app! PLEASE! Permit to enable/Disable lap timers/counters and use Kunos Real-time it will be perfect!
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i NEED the graphics settings used in the video but other than that this mod nearly made me cry
Upvote 0
Love that for ultra wide!
Upvote 0
This is a dream come true. Thanks from a GT fan :)
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0k Gracias
Upvote 0
So cool having this as an option. Great Thank you
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Excellent, many thanks.
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Fantastic HUD! I did, however, find an issue - the 480km/hr analog dials had the incorrect increments on it (80, 120, 240?) So I changed the file to read 80, 160, 240, so that its accurate :)
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Great! It would be perfect if you could move all the single apps, and to deactivate some of it and place it like you want. But maybe there will be a update?
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Works brilliantly, looking forward to the GT4 hud mentioned in future updates
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Great app! With the possibility to remove those lap timers/counters and an implementation of the Kunos Real-time app it would be even more perfect:)
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would love a gtpsp-like theme but this is amazing too
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Practically indistinguishable from the original. Looks and feels very smooth.

The only negative I can see is that the HUD isn't correctly centered in 21:9 aspect ratio.
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0k Muchas Gracias ;)
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Really the best HUD for Assetto. Big thanks !
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Perfectly implemented and super polished. I would just love to be able to disable everything except lap and position
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