Gran Turismo HUD

Gran Turismo HUD 2.0

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Make sure your AC is running in "64-bit Mode" and has latest "Custom Shaders Patch" installed!


Apps and Textures I released here are Scratch-Made.
It's my pleasure to be said those textures are ported from the original game, although they are not and I can never make it look 100% identical to the real deal.
Please don't port my textures to other games / apps without permission, it just took me too much time to make them.

V2.0 Features:
Reworked Textures
New UI Elements for Replay
New Animation for Boost Gauge, Rev Light & Gear Change
Auto Resolution Scale
Auto Analog Meter Activation
Auto Speed Unit Selection
Full Texture-Based Font Rendering
Simple Mode
Triple-Screen Mode
Traction Control Support
Code Optimization & Bug Fixes

GT4 Theme Are Now Available to Patrons:

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Screenshots & Videos:



Latest updates

  1. Simply A Major One

    Changes & Fixes in V2.0: Textures reworked for better accuracy and readability. Added steering...
  2. Minor Fixes

    Fixed 480km/h speed gauge texture. (Special thanks to RotaMota's report!) Added 400km/h speed...
  3. Ultrawide Screen & Tyre Temperature / Pressure Support

    New features and changes V1.2: Adjustable screen ratio. (From 4:3 to 21:9) Tyre indicator now...

Latest reviews

Works perfectly! A few suggestions though:
- Add ABS Level and TC Level indicators corresponding to the actual TC Level selected
- Make the widget autoscale to work with windowed mode (scales to the window res and not the display res)
Im sure its a good HUD but im having issues with it rn. Installed as normal but when i enable it i only get the boost guage adn nothing else . any help please?
everything's fine
Usefull, one the best hub in my opinion. Simple, easy to read, fonctional ... everything you need ! Really good work Vegetable Tsai
Top! Thank You!
The best hud!!, thank you!!
all i want is to be able to disable the timer but this is actually so sick
For anyone who can't install, when you drag on CM, there is a little box saying "Install as mod too", so for me, it worked after that.
Great app! PLEASE! Permit to enable/Disable lap timers/counters and use Kunos Real-time it will be perfect!
i NEED the graphics settings used in the video but other than that this mod nearly made me cry
Love that for ultra wide!
This is a dream come true. Thanks from a GT fan :)
0k Gracias
So cool having this as an option. Great Thank you
Excellent, many thanks.
Fantastic HUD! I did, however, find an issue - the 480km/hr analog dials had the incorrect increments on it (80, 120, 240?) So I changed the file to read 80, 160, 240, so that its accurate :)

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Vegetable Tsai
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