Gran Turismo HUD

Gran Turismo HUD 2.0

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Make sure your AC is running in "64-bit Mode" and has latest "Custom Shaders Patch" installed!


Apps and Textures I released here are Scratch-Made.
It's my pleasure to be said those textures are ported from the original game, although they are not and I can never make it look 100% identical to the real deal.
Please don't port my textures to other games / apps without permission, it just took me too much time to make them.

V2.0 Features:
Reworked Textures
New UI Elements for Replay
New Animation for Boost Gauge, Rev Light & Gear Change
Auto Resolution Scale
Auto Analog Meter Activation
Auto Speed Unit Selection
Full Texture-Based Font Rendering
Simple Mode
Triple-Screen Mode
Traction Control Support
Code Optimization & Bug Fixes

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Latest updates

  1. Simply A Major One

    Changes & Fixes in V2.0: Textures reworked for better accuracy and readability. Added steering...
  2. Minor Fixes

    Fixed 480km/h speed gauge texture. (Special thanks to RotaMota's report!) Added 400km/h speed...
  3. Ultrawide Screen & Tyre Temperature / Pressure Support

    New features and changes V1.2: Adjustable screen ratio. (From 4:3 to 21:9) Tyre indicator now...

Latest reviews

For some reason, the only time the HUD works properly is in replay mode
One of the best HUDs but I have an issue that in chase camera i still have first person hud it does not want to change. How to fix it?
i wish we could just use the hood cam version of this hud on every cam
I have no idea why but I do not have the option to change the units in the settings window. I'm stuck with kph.
I have CSP but what i dont understand is that it only works in replays for some reason, idk why. Like a few months ago it worked wonders, but now it doesn't for some reason

Otherwise it is probably one of the better Huds for AC out there, fenomenal work!
I'd love to have this mod with toggleable elements and scaling that plays along with windowed mode, or better yet, manually adjustable scaling. I'm on an older rig and I run AC in a window, so the scaling doesn't play nice.
love this mod but can we get a scaling feature and options to remove parts of the hud like g force metre timer or simply move them to the side. other than that love it and very nostalgic too
It could have scale setting, but still good :D
Thank you it looks very good.
it is good, although i cant get the meters or lap times working, i only have torque and stuff
Works perfectly! A few suggestions though:
- Add ABS Level and TC Level indicators corresponding to the actual TC Level selected
- Make the widget autoscale to work with windowed mode (scales to the window res and not the display res)
Im sure its a good HUD but im having issues with it rn. Installed as normal but when i enable it i only get the boost guage adn nothing else . any help please?
everything's fine
Usefull, one the best hub in my opinion. Simple, easy to read, fonctional ... everything you need ! Really good work Vegetable Tsai
Top! Thank You!
The best hud!!, thank you!!
Vegetable Tsai
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