Initial D Arcade HUD

Initial D Arcade HUD 2.0.1

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Initial D Arcade Tachometer
Initial D Arcade Boost Gauge

Apps and Textures I released here are Scratch-Made.
It's my pleasure to be said those textures are ported from the original game, although they are not and I can never make it look 100% identical to the real deal.
Please don't port my textures to other games / apps without permission, it just took me too much time to make them.

New features and changes in V2.0:
Renamed from Initial D6 HUD.
Tachometer app is no longer included, you can download it here.
Advantage app now supports blind attack.
Multi-Function Display (Lap Time app) now works properly in every session type.
Driver app now displays more accurate car names.
Map app now supports more Japanese tracks. (Shuto Revial Project Beta, Happogahara, Speedway Hiroshima and more.)
Updated textures.
Many things are now rendered with OpenGL. (Huge performance improvement, huge thanks to x4fab and his custom shaders patch.)
Minor Bug fixes.

If you enjoy my works, please consider buy me a beer. ^ ^

HOW TO (Custom Shaders Patch 0.1.60 or above required)​

1. Extract the archive to Assetto Corsa's root folder.
2. Enable "D Extra" in Content Manager -> Settings -> Assetto Corsa -> Apps -> Activated apps.
3. Activate "D Extra" from the sidebar in game.

V2.0 Demo:

Latest updates

  1. Small One Big Step : Scaling Issue Hotfix

    This update fixes the display issue when the scale isn't set to 100. PLEASE WATCH THE TUTORIAL...
  2. Small One Big Step

  3. Get the Exact Distance between You and Your Closest Rival !

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Latest reviews

Does this mod need csp? it's not working for me. all instruments are empty.
I loved this hud, but after I uninstalled the game and downloaded it again has advised in a forum to make WMMT hud work, I just didn't manage to get it to work, it appears in cm in settings/assetto corsa/ apps and they're all ticked but no matter how hard I try I can't manage to make it appear on the bar at the right of the screen, please help me, I really need it
just perfect
great hud, love how it changes when you turn on the lights
One of the best hud in ac
I don't know why, but like I downloaded everything and the tachometer does not work and the boost gauge does not even show up, does anyone know what's going on?
Good app i recomend
downloaded multiple times.
Installed it quite a few times with CM, quite a few times manually. Nothing worked.
Reinstalled it, to check the Python console error.

It says: traceback (most recent call last):
File:"apps/python/D Tachometer\D" , line 16, in <module>
from third_party.sim_info import info
ImportError: cannot import name info

Same thing for the D extra
If anyone knows whys that happening please help when i try to turn the
d tachometer on it doesnt show drift points nor my speed
I bet that its amazing mod, but i cant get it to work, i installed everything, shows up in the mods/app thing, checked everything, but it wont show on the window apps thus not showing up in game. Any help plez?
Super good app, makes the HUD very visually appealing
Definitively my favorite HUD for Assetto Corsa. I initially intended to use it just for actual touge stuff, but it's just so easy on the eyes in practice that I've just left it, even for open-wheel and touring car type biz. It works surprisingly smoothly in VR, too. A very faithful recreation!
Very good app i love it!
u mnie nie dziala na wersji 1.16.3
this app is absolutly awesome
Absolutely adore this mod. Works really well. Adds a new dimension to the AC hud options. Highly recommend, even if you aren't gonna drive the cars/tracks that even remotely relate to Initial D.
jak to ustawić ??
I have a problem with the tachometer not having any speed digits or speed bar and it does not do anything when i give gas,
it´s like a picture. I installed it correctly a few dosen times already and the problem is still the same. Help please
definitely one of the best apps and still being worked on and improved
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