Hungaroring Grand Prix Circuit

Hungaroring Grand Prix Circuit v1.4

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Hi guys

The Hungaroring Grand Prix Circuit is one of my all time favorite tracks. This track has so much to offer for all types of cars.

For some time now I have being looking for a decent version for AMS with no luck. Well just the other day I found this little gem for Stock Car Extreme and knew immediately that with a bit of love this track would have the potential to be something special.

Bare in mind that this is a old track and there are limits to a texture update and that the changes are only graphical. I've tried my best to make this track as good as one can make it.

Hope you guys like, have fun :)

This is a complete rework of my previous update and recommend that you delete the old version before you install the new track.

Update details:

- New tarmac and all other surfaces have all being replaced around the track
- New pit lane surfaces added
- New wall textures all round
- New back round scenery added
- New grass and trees around the whole track
- Improved all road markings and road lines
- New banner sponsors
- New safety walls and amco rails created around the whole track
- New rumble strips, run offs and then the white curbs I've just reworked
- All buildings have being completely reworked with new textures
- New Medical Center building added
- All grand stands from top to bottom have being reworked
- New atmosphere added
- New Sky added
- DRS added
- New loading screen

Hope you guys like, have fun :)

Hungaroring load screen AMS.jpg



Known issues:

- Some textures have duel functions, like one or two walls share the same texture so I had to find a balance between the two to get the best possible result.

As an example the one large garage floor share's the same texture as the pit garages light fixture, strange but it is the way it is.

- The first bridge has two texture's for the DHL logo, one the logo and the yellow sides, even though set exactly the same the logo seems to appear lighter or darker depending on the time of day.
Race start they both match funny enough.

- The main landscape has only one grass texture file and in some places this created a bit of distortion. Here I've added blur to minimize the distortion.

- Start lights work, but only the red one's. your pit lights and all other lights work fine. Your on screen red/green lights will work just fine at the beginning your race.

If anyone knows how to fix this, again your help would be appreciated.

- DRS zones work perfectly, just the second one just after the first corner doesn't have a DRS board but will show on your screen to activate.

By default there is no crowd for this track.

These are some of the minor things that you will notice. Otherwise the track looks and feels really awesome.

Should you have any problems or want to help improve the track or have any suggestions you can use the support section above.
You can also use the private conversation to contact me and I would be happy to help.

Installation guide:
  • Download the Zip file
  • Install, copy and paste into your games directory.

If you like this track your review would be highly appreciated but please remember that I have not changed or added any objects, altered the layout or the mechanics of this track.

For more ClimaxF1 Liveries/Skins, Steering wheels, Team Garages, Race Suits, Gloves & Fantasy Skins please browse my downloads section here:

Thanks for all the support guys and this great racing community! So many good people online!
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Latest reviews

The major flaw of this track is aiw. AI tends to crash at turn 7/8 chicane.
Never touched the AI, this is a texture update with AMS skies.
Next time read my updates before you review!
Great job, thank you.
Another excellent job on one of my favourite tracks by a skilled modder. Thanks for all your work.
Thank you.
Waiting for Le Mans.
Hi. I noticed that the AI crashes into the wall at the last corner, just before that main straight if I race with WTCC cars. Is ist possible because of the left hang wheel car or because the WTCC cars are wide?
Great drivers track nicely executed, thank you
One of my all time favorite tracks to race on or even just hot lapping, love the flow.
Thanks for the review!
Great. Surely this track are highly demand this weekend :D
Not sure how many more downloads there were prior to the race but this is one of my favorite F1 tracks and you guys will soon have a brand new version.
Thanks for the review!
Good job
Old track base but races well and looks quite nice.
Appreciate the review, thank you!
Thanks mate !!! Great job !!!
Thank you and appreciate the review!
Update is really a good one. Track looks top class. Thank you for sharing.
Glad you like and always a pleasure to share!
Thanks for the review!
great Track, feels realy exiting! Good Job and thanks for the DL
Always a pleasure and thanks for the review!
This track is really well done, great work mate :)
Always a pleasure and appreciate the review!
v1.2 - This is one of your best yet. Wonderful textures and the track looks amazing. What makes it even better is I average more than 144+ fps on the track by myself at 7680*1080; even in replay mode. That's awesome. Keep up the good work and looking forward to your next track update.

Even with all the new textures I try to keep all my track updates pc friendly.
Quality is important but so too is FPS and glad you noticed.
Appreciate the review, thank you!
Looks like a good weekend project CF1. Pretty track. Gets better all the time.
I've always loved this track, has such a decent flow to it.
Thanks for you review, appreciate them all the time!
This looks a much better version, since the first, to my eyes. Well done. Thank you for sharing.
Appreciate the feedback and glad you like.
Thank you for the review too!
looks very good, runs smooth. I am not an expert on the irl track layout but it seems to be close to what I have seen watching F1. Thank you.
The track layout itself is very good, all round I've updated the track with new textures to get the most out of it. Appreciate the review!
Incredible work thanks
Glad you like and thanks for the review!
Merci. Beau travail.
It's a pleasure and thanks for the review!
Great track and great work
please tell me you plan to convert this for AC as well?
At this stage I have no plans to convert to AC.
There are some other tracks for AMS that are keeping me busy which I should be able to upload soon.
Appreciate the review, thanks!
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