Hungaroring Grand Prix Circuit

Hungaroring Grand Prix Circuit v1.4

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Hi guys

I do apologize for quick update again but this is something I should have included, especially older tracks

Adding the CloudsCirrus shader balances the colors really nicely, helps with contrast, brightness and softens the track slightly.

Update details:

- AMS skies added
- Adjustments to scn and gbd files
- Tweaked bka and bkb scenenry dds files

Hungaring AMS.jpg

Hungaring AMS.jpg
Hi guys

Being a while since I've played or uploaded anything and this was one of my first tracks I tried last night and noticed there's no skies or AMS skies.

Small update now that I know how to add them. No other changes have being made.

Enjoy :)
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Hi Guys

Having done a few track updates and going back to this first one I did one realizes that with all the new things learned I could try make this track look a bit better than my first update.

Bare in mind that this is a old track and there are limits to a texture update and that the changes are only graphical. I've tried my best to make this track as good as one can make it.

Hope you guys like, have fun :)

This is a complete rework of my previous update and recommend that you delete the old version before you install the new track.

P.S. I've still got two wheels on the track so it counts :)


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Hi Guys

Here are some small updates, hope you guys have enjoyed the track so far.

Update details:

- New darker, crisper tarmac added as default
- New light clouds added as default
- DRS zones added thanks to Paulo Gomes
- Slightly darker Pirelli logo (main straight)

You still have the option to select the different type of tarmac surfaces and clouds in the optional content folder.

The main straight DRS zone has a detection point marker and line but the one just after the first corner you will have to use your onscreen guide or just make a note of it that you know as soon as you exit the first corner the DRS will be available.