Horsma Raceway

Horsma Raceway 1.0

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This such a great track, awesome work!
Look fantastic m8 ! i DL this right now !

Can you tell me please your graphics config , i want the same of colour , wich filter are you using in the video Thanks again m8

PS: personaly i use Sol and A3PP (Before race i chose SOL filter then ingame i select A3PP , that rendering a hybdrid filter .
I use pretty much default sol and shaders patch settings with the default sol pp filter. I don't know what is a3pp.
Love this kind of tracks, and this one is specially well made, thank you!!!
Oh man... this track! Can not believe its fictional, the physicality of it feels so real, all the ups and downs of elevation, the S-turns, all the bumps and patches, the aged appearance, all so perfect. I've been shredding it for days with everything from Austin Healey to GT3RS. If you like wide flat as a mirror boring ass formula stuff then this track is not for you;)

I really hope it gets some static-cam love in future))
I love this track. All three variants are demanding, but at the same time funny and to drive this feeling on an old road which was repaired already 1000 times ... terrific. Has such a small touch of the Nordschleife ^^. I just made a video on it ^^. I really love it.
a great track...but a bit too bumpy. Do it a little less. Thanks.
tremendous work!
Love the track. Thanks for the updates.
thaks again
This might be my new favourite mod track on AC. It's just... fantastic. The scenery is great, the track layouts are thrilling to drive, very similar to Road Atlanta with lots of winding esses, anyone who complains that it's too bumpy has never watched footage of cars going round the last corner at Sebring! Only thing I'd ask for is more layouts? Like the existing Trophy layout with the hairpin extension just for some more straight line speed.

Still, though. Absolutely superb.
Great Track!!!Very detailed!It is difficult as its a bit bumpy but very fun to drive!!!
One of best tracks I've played. Awesome work. I do hope there will be a version with maintained tarmac.
excellent track !
I've only been on this track since the release. With all kinds of cars! Again and again I am happy about the grandiose cornering! If you don't mind, please, please, do more such fictional tracks! You really got it right!!!!
It's a really excellent fantasy track. The textures, scenery, modeling, etc. are all top notch. I really like the layout, especially the Trophy Layout. A lot of fantasy tracks don't have a good flow to them but this track has no such issue. I would rate 5 stars but the track is just too bumpy for many racecars. I like a bit of a bumpy track. Bridgehampton is bumpy and really fun. But this track is 5x as bumpy as Bridgehampton. Driving the 917K here has the car bucking like it's on a mechanical riding bull. If there were a somewhat smoother version of the track I wouldn't hesitate to rate 5 stars. I'm not looking for a glass surface, just something a little more driveable for stiffer cars. This is still a really fabulous effort.
The sensations are good, a very good mod from you, thank
I am with ohi, not usually a fictional track guy, but this one has me combing my content for a period grid to set up some races. Well done!
I can't believe this is a fantasy track. You must be a great track designer.
All 3 layouts have great flow, challenges and I like new "Corkscrew".
Properly made bumpy surface gives me a great driving experience.
Replays, night light config, everything has good quality.
I appreciate your efforts.
I love the track. Not a fan of fictional tracks, but this is something that I'll keep. I have only tested the club circuit, I missed the map, takes a while to learn without it, but otherwise: Great Job!
Thanks for the feedback. The track map seems to be broken for the club layout. Sorry about that. I have fixed it for the next version. In the meanwhile if you want the track map to work you can you go to \assettocorsa\content\tracks\ghoults_horsma\club and delete the map.png. When you load the track in ac next time ac will create a new map.png that works correctly.
Woooow! There are a lot of fantastic ac Tracks, but this is so complete. Better than real! Unbelievable fun to drive, perfect look and feel. Nothings missing, nothings too much. Big, big artwork! Thank you very, very much!
Wow, what can I say that hasn't already been said? I'm blown away.

I'll admit that I'm one of those who tends to disregard fictional tracks, but I will always give them a shot if they look interesting. After chucking a Yellowbird around the full course for just over an hour I can say that this one is right up my alley and is absolutely staying in my library, what a fantastic layout.

The work you have put in to make this look and feel authentic is apparent, it's a beautiful looking track in it's own run down way and is incredibly rewarding to drive; Great undulations with some lovely multi-apex and cresting corners, the bumpiness is spot on for me, the flow is great and it will definitely bite you if you get off line. That is a good thing.

Even if some will try draw comparisons to other tracks, especially with the sort of corkscrew-esque corner, it is unquestionably unique enough that it stands up on it's own. Unique to the point that I feel bad for even bringing that up but I know that's what people will see and read in the reviews and I really hope that they won't be turned off.

I urge everyone to give this one a shot.
Thanks for the review and kind words!
It almost sad that this isn't real track. It really is well done and good layout. Those people who disapprove fictional tracks has their fair point but this is quite exception. Good job. This is fun track to drive around. Didn't do a race yet but after handful of hotlaps, you get 10/10 for this. Thank you.
great work , excellent lay out ....this track fun to drive , thanks a lot
Fantastic! I think Hermann Tilke should call you ...
Amazing track. Super job, thank you very much.
Amazing work ! Thanks a lot ! Just one thing, decrease the granularity of the road just a little bit, it shakes too much on G25, haha !
Excellent race track, really great scenery. Top marks form me.
Excellent, totally radical for open wheel ripping. Nice hills to see me upcoming corners, yet nice blind-corners as well.
I totally enjoy a track such at this.
Well done, nice one!!!
Fabulous track. So much fun in smaller nimble cars.

I drove about 40 exploratory laps per car in a Cayman GT4, Lotus 2 Eleven and a few older Touring Cars. The track is easy to learn, but probably impossible to master. This is a perfect situation.

Feels like a heavenly combination of Brands Hatch, Spa, Laguna Seca, Oulton Park, Le Mans and the Nordschleife.

The kerbs are amazing and some of the best in any sim. They beg you to attack them, but punish severely if you get greedy.

The only thing that could improve it for me is to make the trackside adverts into classic motorsport brands. Even give them a Finnish flavour. Retro chocolate bars and snowmobile brands, etc.

I look forward to more of your tracks.


Great flow, very fast, superb to drive in a GT3. Just the right kind of bumpy track. Trackside looks very finnish. Spotted some horsmas too. :)
absolutly a master piece!! thanks for this beautifull track! top quality! just one think..can you added a extra layout whit the trophy layout and "Corkscrew" part? that will be awesome!agin, tahnks for this track!i cant belive the detail of this and the excellent FPS! run very very smooth!
Thanks for the review. There have been requests for couple of different layouts although most of them are just about adding or removing a corner from one layout. I think this is too much work as I'd need to create new ai, new edge files, cameras, new ui graphics and do testing even if the only thing that changes is one corner. I think having too many layouts might hurt the track as well if the layouts are too similar.
Nice layout and great flow. Thank you very much for sharing.
Great looking and well optimized! One odd quirk I had notice that it do not goes fully night time, but I guess that is due to the sun trajectory of the track location.
Thanks for the review. It is a real life phenomena called the midnight sun. If you want darker nights you need to move the date towards spring or fall (may or september).
Super great old fashioned.
Good job. Thanks for sharing
What a brilliantly addictive track to race on, amazing attention to detail :)
really impressed with tihis one. the layout is topclass. but also the rest is a mastercalss. great texture of bothe the tarmac and trackside objects. then the road itselfs feels alive with loads of bumbs and cracks. i hope you ad different layouts in the futre aswell.( oh and onething pls ad a pit entry board. i missed the entry the first time i drove around it^^.)
There is a pit entry board but I think it is probably not very positioned. I'll make a note of it to see if I can improve it for final release.
This gets a ten out of ten from me. Great layout. Fantastic modelling. Just a superb effort all round. I'll be spending a lot of time driving around this track. Thank you!
Great flowing fast corners. Not a huge fan of fictional tracks but this is an exception. Just fun to drive. Fantastic job.
Fantastic job!
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