Horsma Raceway

Horsma Raceway 0.92

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Type: permanent road course

- Full 5.2km
- Club 3.4km
- Trophy 4.4 km


A fantasy road course in the northern Finland. Somewhat worn and not well maintained and as such the track surface is pretty bumpy. The track is fast flowing and traditional so it is well suited for most cars. But the challenging old school nature makes it also tricky for the modern fast cars.

The track comes in three variations. The Full version is the full length track with the "old" loop making the track length 5.268 kilometers or 3.27 miles. The fast corners are challenging in all kinds of cars and the twistier bits are fun in all categories as well. The shortest Club layout does not use the old loop and is 3.442 km or 2.14 miles. This layout is optimal for single seaters and touring cars or smaller fields of cars. Then there is the Trophy layout which converts some of the tight corners of the full layout with fast straights making its length little shorter at 4.4 kilometers or 2.73 miles while bumping up the average speed. This layout is ideal for historic race cars and any fast cars.

The track download comes with some career events. You can find these in the career section of the game. There is a mix of hotlap events, races and quick races. The hotlap events have very difficult gold lap time targets. If you want those gold times you really need to work for them. The races have adjustable opponent strength which means you can tune the event difficulty to your liking.

The track also support night racing through the SOL addon and Custom Shaders Patch when using Content Manager. You need to have these installed to be able to use these features but these addons are purely optional and not required to be able to enjoy the track and career events.

Onboard lap of the Full layout:
TV cam lap:

Onboard lap of the Trophy layout:
More videos on the channel



3.png 4.png 5.png 7.png

The track is released as version 0.9 as there is an issue with career events because the game does not award medals for completing the events. The events function perfectly otherwise. I also plan to keep working on this more to bring it up to 1.0 and support more of the additional features from sol, cm and shader patch. I am also sure the more people drive it the more issues are found which have gone undetected (or ignored) through testing. For 1.0 I may also add wet weather type of physical road surface and the graphics to go with it but I have not yet looked into that.

Thanks to ac community for support and creating tools and documentation. Thanks to my amazing beta testers roq and andy riches. Thanks to Leonardo Ratafiá for additional track cameras and testing. Thanks to LilSki for writing excellent tutorials and guides and testing. Thanks mascot for testing and his work on adboards.

If you wish to support me financially I recommend instead supporting the following people and projects (not in any order) : Assetto Corsa Content Manager, Custom Shader Patch, SOL and LilSki.
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Latest updates

  1. 0.92 version update

    - new reworked pit entry to fix ac issue with wrong way warnings on trophy layouts (danger +50%)...
  2. Small update fixing many smaller issues

    Install: You can can simply install this over the old one overwriting the files. Change log...

Latest reviews

Just superb. Looks and feels like something that really exists, really well done, and all three layouts are fun to drive.
Wow, one of the best Tracks for AC. And very well made!
It's an awesome track! download now
It is hard to believe this is a fictional track. Very well built and realistic. One of my favorites on AC.
Just raced a 40 lap race, with group A cars.. absolute blast, terrific track which needs concentration on a certain corners, quick flowing and enjoyable. Top Stuff!!
Very, very good.
Thank you.
good job stunning thxs
Gran trabajo, gracias por compartirlo.
One of my top 3 tracks!!!Very nicely made and very realistic!
Great track!! ..only thing: can you fix the "neon-green" grass? it is just too bright on most of the SOL weathers.
Thanks for the review! The neon grass is mostly an artistic style issue. I wanted to make the grass look somewhat burned out by the sun but I may have gone too extreme with the effect. For 1.0 or even before I'll do something about it.
Did you created it by scratch? awesome. excellent. champion!
Thanks for the update. I'm enjoying this track a lot. It has a great layout and is really well made.
What a fantastic course! very well done and big thanks!. Can recommend AC Legends on this course super fun ;) .
Stunning race track!
Great track , the best fantasy lay out so far , this ytack must build in real. Fun to drive , thanks
Loved this tracks since 1.0 - Heres a three lapper ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8T8qPPLgos
This such a great track, awesome work!
Look fantastic m8 ! i DL this right now !

Can you tell me please your graphics config , i want the same of colour , wich filter are you using in the video Thanks again m8

PS: personaly i use Sol and A3PP (Before race i chose SOL filter then ingame i select A3PP , that rendering a hybdrid filter .
I use pretty much default sol and shaders patch settings with the default sol pp filter. I don't know what is a3pp.
Love this kind of tracks, and this one is specially well made, thank you!!!
Oh man... this track! Can not believe its fictional, the physicality of it feels so real, all the ups and downs of elevation, the S-turns, all the bumps and patches, the aged appearance, all so perfect. I've been shredding it for days with everything from Austin Healey to GT3RS. If you like wide flat as a mirror boring ass formula stuff then this track is not for you;)

I really hope it gets some static-cam love in future))
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