Horsma Raceway

Horsma Raceway 1.0

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Amazing track, really professional level - especially with SOL, CSP and the billboard skin installed :-)
Absolutely love this track. Goes real well with the TC Legends mod that just came out. Thanks much for your work on this!
Great FUN! Looks good with lots of details and has a fantastic road feel.
And the layout is awsome!! Here is my first race at the track:
Thanks for the review and the video!
Thank you for the fun! Good job on everything.
Diamond! Pure joy!
Great Work! One of my favourite tracks.
Very enjoyable!!
Really enjoy a quality wet track. Thanks for three of them
Played a Pantera Gr.4 one make race last night on the trophy layout and had a bloody blast of a time! I want to thank you so much for your hard work. Cheers from India.
Excellent Work!!! Love the forest with lots of different kind of trees!!! Thank you for sharing it!!!
Really enjoyable layout! Looks really good too. Would be nice if the preview.png was more conventional with a photo instead of bright green, but just nitpicking!
Thanks for the review. Photo previews instead of green icons was something I thought about. If there are issues I need to fix with a patch I think switching to photo preview images could happen.
Beautiful oil paint track. Awesome work. Congrats.
Beautiful work, what an excellent track experience. Thank you!
one of the best tracks released in 2019. Perfect for vintage racing. Remember to get Mascot's track skin also!
Just superb. Looks and feels like something that really exists, really well done, and all three layouts are fun to drive.
Wow, one of the best Tracks for AC. And very well made!
It's an awesome track! download now
It is hard to believe this is a fictional track. Very well built and realistic. One of my favorites on AC.
Just raced a 40 lap race, with group A cars.. absolute blast, terrific track which needs concentration on a certain corners, quick flowing and enjoyable. Top Stuff!!
Very, very good.
Thank you.
good job stunning thxs
Gran trabajo, gracias por compartirlo.
One of my top 3 tracks!!!Very nicely made and very realistic!
Great track!! ..only thing: can you fix the "neon-green" grass? it is just too bright on most of the SOL weathers.
Thanks for the review! The neon grass is mostly an artistic style issue. I wanted to make the grass look somewhat burned out by the sun but I may have gone too extreme with the effect. For 1.0 or even before I'll do something about it.
Did you created it by scratch? awesome. excellent. champion!
Thanks for the update. I'm enjoying this track a lot. It has a great layout and is really well made.
What a fantastic course! very well done and big thanks!. Can recommend AC Legends on this course super fun ;) .
Stunning race track!
Great track , the best fantasy lay out so far , this ytack must build in real. Fun to drive , thanks
Loved this tracks since 1.0 - Heres a three lapper ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8T8qPPLgos
This such a great track, awesome work!
Look fantastic m8 ! i DL this right now !

Can you tell me please your graphics config , i want the same of colour , wich filter are you using in the video Thanks again m8

PS: personaly i use Sol and A3PP (Before race i chose SOL filter then ingame i select A3PP , that rendering a hybdrid filter .
I use pretty much default sol and shaders patch settings with the default sol pp filter. I don't know what is a3pp.
Love this kind of tracks, and this one is specially well made, thank you!!!
Oh man... this track! Can not believe its fictional, the physicality of it feels so real, all the ups and downs of elevation, the S-turns, all the bumps and patches, the aged appearance, all so perfect. I've been shredding it for days with everything from Austin Healey to GT3RS. If you like wide flat as a mirror boring ass formula stuff then this track is not for you;)

I really hope it gets some static-cam love in future))
I love this track. All three variants are demanding, but at the same time funny and to drive this feeling on an old road which was repaired already 1000 times ... terrific. Has such a small touch of the Nordschleife ^^. I just made a video on it ^^. I really love it.
a great track...but a bit too bumpy. Do it a little less. Thanks.
tremendous work!
Love the track. Thanks for the updates.
thaks again
This might be my new favourite mod track on AC. It's just... fantastic. The scenery is great, the track layouts are thrilling to drive, very similar to Road Atlanta with lots of winding esses, anyone who complains that it's too bumpy has never watched footage of cars going round the last corner at Sebring! Only thing I'd ask for is more layouts? Like the existing Trophy layout with the hairpin extension just for some more straight line speed.

Still, though. Absolutely superb.
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