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Horsma Raceway

Horsma Raceway 1.0

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Version 1.0
- added grip differences to driving surfaces. Track surface is now grippier on racing line.
- added rain versions of the layouts. Racing line is less grippy in the wet so taking different lines through some corners and going off the racing line gives more grip. This is to simulate the oil and dirt and the smoother surface of the racing line becoming slipperier in the rain whereas the rougher less used tarmac loses less grip in the rain.
- general improvements all around the track. New objects, sand traps, concrete walls and small kerb adjustments
- general grass texture fixes to make grass more green
- new track barrier texture
- fixed ui track map images for Full layout
- small changes to hairpin road cambers in Full layout hairpin
- changed DIRT_ADDITIVE to =0 for couple of driving surfaces in surfaces.ini for all dry layouts to prevent wrongful cut track penalties with pitlanepenalty app. Wet layouts and career events need the SOL addon for the rain effects.
- moved the track location geographically towards south to guarantee darkness during night. On northern hemisphere during mid summer the sun doesn't go down never in real life and this was the goal of the setting previously. But I think this effect was not good for consistency of gameplay. The general expectation is that night is dark and this change guarantees it. You still get brighter nights around 22th of june date if you want it.
- increased car slots to 40

Known issues:
- for some reason water spray does not appear on wet layouts
- new reworked pit entry to fix ac issue with wrong way warnings on trophy layouts (danger +50%)
- adjusted everything near pit entry and made lots of model changes around that area
You can can simply install this over the old one overwriting the files.

Change log:

- fixed surfaces.ini wrong names for club and trophy layouts
- new textures for tree walls
- fixed broken track map for the club layout
- many small texturing and object fixes all around the track
- career events now work in assetto launcher. Content manager has some issues giving out medals for completed events but otherwise works fine. Issue is likely in my career files and not in cm.
- fixed small continuity issue with F3 tv1 camera set at start/finish line
- added skins folder in the track folder
- small changes to grass and trees
- added rubberized tarmac effect (Early Access!) to one corner
- moved layout blocking barriers further away from the racing line to make it possible to stop before them
- changed road scratch material to be more visible
- small changes to road bumps in couple of places to reduce feeling of repetition
- lodout changes all around to reduce things appearing in front of the car

Known issues:
- RSR live timing apparently has an issue with this track "driver is not recognized"
- Career events have some unknown issue making them non-completeable in content manager (you get an error message). In assetto corsa's own launcher these events work as intended.