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Honda NSX 2.2

honda nsx

  1. Shaders + Physics + Sounds

    This update includes:
    - Shaders Lights Patch updates (high beams, indicator lights, instrument panel warning lights, wipers and more) updates by Some1
    - Physics updates by aphidgod
    - Sounds updates by Modek
    - Cameras updates by Arch

    NOTE: Shaders Lights Patch (v0.1.25-preview74 or newer) is highly recommended (you'd be crazy to run vanilla AC nowadays!)

    Known issues:
    - the high beams are on by default. Either a...
  2. Sound update

    Updates the sounds.
    Also, the data files are compressed now.
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  3. Honda NSX Version 2

    Finally, after many months, version 2 of the Honda NSX mod for Assetto Corsa is released!
    This version includes the following NSX models:
    • Honda NSX NA1
    • Honda NSX-R
    • Acura NSX
    • Acura NSX (S1 — fictional performance version)
    NOTE: Please uninstall any previous version of this mod (different folder structure might cause problems otherwise).
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