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Honda NSX

Honda NSX 3

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This 3.0 update is a big one! It features a completely scratch-built cockpit, updated external visuals, extensively overhauled physics and sounds etc. Too many changes to list in a change log here.

The 3.0 update consists of 9 cars:
* 1992 Acura NSX
* 1994 Acura NSX
* 1994 Acura NSX (S1, fictional model)
* 1999 Acura NSX Alex Zanardi Edition
* 1991 Honda NSX
* 1997 Honda NSX (S1, fictional model)
* 1992 Honda NSX-R
* 1994 Honda NSX-R
* 1997 Honda NSX Type S-ZERO

IMPORTANT: This version requires Custom Shaders Patch (CSP), recommended version is v0.1.68 at the time of this release. The mod WILL NOT WORK in vanilla AC and is not developed for vanilla AC.

IMPORTANT: If you have 2.x version installed, please uninstall it, by deleting the acura_nsx, acura_nsx_s1, honda_nsx and honda_nsxr folders before installing version 3.0!

Notes/known issues:
* The cars currently do not have LODs (apart from LODD which is for far away situations). LODs will be added in a future update, if I have free time and if it is a necessity. And no, auto-generated LODs are not good enough :slight_smile:
* The Type S-ZERO currently does not have correct steering wheel (uses NSX-R steering wheel). This issue might be addressed in the future.
* The NSX-R's do not have transparent engine cover at the moment. This issue might be addressed in the future.
* Taillights do not have refractions.
* Skins made for pre-3.0 version of this mod are not compatible with this version.

* Siim Annuk (@Some1) -- 3D model, textures
* @Modek -- Sounds
* Arch (@Kyuubeey) -- Physics
* Aphidgod, David Dominquez -- Older versions physics
* A3DR, Trawa -- Additional beta-testing, feedback

You ARE NOT ALLOWED to modify this mod. Please do not contact me about permissions for mods -- I will not allow it. Enjoy the car as it was intended by Honda engineers/designers.

You ARE NOT ALLOWED to host this mod on any 3rd party website. RD is the only source for this mod and its updates.
- Suspension changes
- Tire changes
- Changed NSX-R brakes to NSX; same pads
- Drivetrain shifting changes
- Shifting animation changes
- Boosted FFB a little
- Fixed missing ignition key in Hondas
Physcis updates:
- Made geometry, motion ratios, spring angles etc. more accurate thanks to @baker7498
- Made unsprung masses more accurate thanks to @baker7498
- Removed LSD controller; diff is open with preload as per IRL
- Added load curves to Hondas
- Differentiated NA1 and R OEM tires
- Added camber bushings to S1, changed UI
- Tweaked load curves
- Tire changes to Honda tires
- Adjusted NSXR CoG from 42% to 41% from BM data
- Changed handbrake torque from 800 to 900
- Tweaked load curves
- Small tire tweaks to NSXR
- Raised FFB mult 2.400 -> 2.600
- Minor tire change to Acura
- Minor suspensions change
- Adjusted inertias
- Added spacers to S1, adjusted UI
- Changed outdated values, typos in tires

Thanks to Arch

- Slightly better tire texture/material
- Replaced Acura logo with Honda logo on the JDM version
- Mirrored wipers for the JDM version
- Other minor improvements/fixes

- Revised suspension geometry points to be more accurate
- Revised stabilizer bars to be more accurate
- Revised dampers to be more accurate
- Revised stroke length to be more accurate
- Revised stock alignment to be accurate to factory values
- Revised suspension height to be correct
- Revised suspension adjustment ranges to be more accurate
- Revised brakes based on data
- Revised physics colliders
- Revised inertia
- Revised LSD
- Revised aero, added yaw drag
- Modified throttle graph
- Modified torque curves slightly
- Modified engine braking torque
- Corrected gear ratios
- Corrected fuel cut RPM
- Raised S1 fuel cut RPM
- Lowered fuel tank position

- Corrected all visual offsets for CoG
- Raised car visual mesh 10mm
- Changed UI ride heights to more closely reflect factory values
- Implemented more correct UI values
- Implemented new UI description for Acura NSX and Acura NSX S1
- Corrected speedometer gauge
- Corrected rev meter gauge
- Standardized file layout
- Better sounds?

- Siim Annuk: 3D Model/textures
- David Dominguez, Jason Coates: Initial physics & updates
- Arch/Kyuubeey: Physics updates (v2.3)
- Modek: Sounds
This update includes:
- Shaders Lights Patch updates (high beams, indicator lights, instrument panel warning lights, wipers and more) updates by Some1
- Physics updates by aphidgod
- Sounds updates by Modek
- Cameras updates by Arch

NOTE: Shaders Lights Patch (v0.1.25-preview74 or newer) is highly recommended (you'd be crazy to run vanilla AC nowadays!)

Known issues:
- the high beams are on by default. Either a shaders patch issue or I'm stupid...
Updates the sounds.
Also, the data files are compressed now.
Finally, after many months, version 2 of the Honda NSX mod for Assetto Corsa is released!
This version includes the following NSX models:
  • Honda NSX NA1
  • Honda NSX-R
  • Acura NSX
  • Acura NSX (S1 — fictional performance version)
NOTE: Please uninstall any previous version of this mod (different folder structure might cause problems otherwise).