Honda NSX

Honda NSX 2.2

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Finally, after many months, version 2 of the Honda NSX mod for Assetto Corsa is released!
This version includes the following NSX models:
  • Honda NSX NA1
  • Honda NSX-R
  • Acura NSX
  • Acura NSX (S1 — fictional performance version)
Please note that there still aren’t any LODs (creating them is a painstakingly long process and I simply do not have the free time), thus you might experience performance issues with full grid of cars.

  • Siim Annuk (aka Some1) — models & textures
  • aphidgod — physics (improvements to inital version by David Dominguez)
  • Modek — sounds
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4.85 star(s) 195 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Shaders + Physics + Sounds

    This update includes: - Shaders Lights Patch updates (high beams, indicator lights, instrument...
  2. Sound update

    Updates the sounds. Also, the data files are compressed now.
  3. Honda NSX Version 2

    Finally, after many months, version 2 of the Honda NSX mod for Assetto Corsa is released! This...

Latest reviews

nice work
The best AC mod ever!
nice car, good job
Fun car, but as someone else said, the tire sound is very low compared to every other car. Thanks
The mod is very, very good. My only gripe is that it seems like the differential on the cars is not working. The cars cook the inner tire when they lose traction. Is there a way you can fix it? A part from that they are extremely enjoyable to drive. Many thanks for your work. Kind regards, Leo
Excellent mod, better than before, but the wiper animation for right hand drive version (Honda NSX & NSX-R) is same as left hand drive (Acura) which is wrong direction. The rims for Honda is Acura's rim (Standard model) and also red Honda emblem for non Type R models. I really hope you fix this wiper animation and rims problem. overall this is my favorite and the best mods I've ever driven so far
Excellent mod. Just a small gripe: Acura rims on a Honda?!
Loving this! Now I understand more about sound mods, I can really appreciate just how good these cars are. They are perfect NSX's the best I've driven.
Awesome job! Thanks guys!
I have never driven a real NSX, but this feels right.

Neutral handling that wants to understeer slightly and then transitions to perfectly controllable oversteer slides.
Nice! But Honda with Acura logo wheel?
thank you. very nice mod. great job!!!
My all time favorite mod in AC
Should be an Assetto Corsa Mods standard! Loved the attention for the details!
Great job and fantastic car to drive. Thank you very much for sharing with us.
simply amazing, can't think of any flaws, sounds are spot on, it's like watching Best Motoring. I just wished the other cars on JDM pack drive as good as this one.
To me the best mod car out there so far. My motion platform mirrors the softish suspension and physics perfectly. With the buttkickers and Oculus The experience is second to none. As the other poster said, it`s hard to drive the vanilla cars now with this level of talented modder out there in the raceiverse.
You'd be crazy to play vanilla AC nowadays! <- This! XD
Many thanks
One of the top car ever for assetto, really fantastic.
But one thing, the tyre sound is low for me. How i can increase it. Thanks.
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