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Honda NSX

Honda NSX 3

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This 3.0 update is a big one! It features a completely scratch-built cockpit, updated external visuals, extensively overhauled physics and sounds etc. Too many changes to list in a change log here.

The 3.0 update consists of 9 cars:
* 1992 Acura NSX
* 1994 Acura NSX
* 1994 Acura NSX (S1, fictional model)
* 1999 Acura NSX Alex Zanardi Edition
* 1991 Honda NSX
* 1997 Honda NSX (S1, fictional model)
* 1992 Honda NSX-R
* 1994 Honda NSX-R
* 1997 Honda NSX Type S-ZERO

IMPORTANT: This version requires Custom Shaders Patch (CSP), recommended version is v0.1.72 at the time of this release. The mod WILL NOT WORK in vanilla AC and is not developed for vanilla AC.

IMPORTANT: If you have 2.x version installed, please uninstall it, by deleting the acura_nsx, acura_nsx_s1, honda_nsx and honda_nsxr folders before installing version 3.0!

Notes/known issues:
* The cars currently do not have LODs (apart from LODD which is for far away situations). LODs will be added in a future update, if I have free time and if it is a necessity. And no, auto-generated LODs are not good enough :slight_smile:
* The Type S-ZERO currently does not have correct steering wheel (uses NSX-R steering wheel). This issue might be addressed in the future.
* The NSX-R's do not have transparent engine cover at the moment. This issue might be addressed in the future.
* Taillights do not have refractions.
* Skins made for pre-3.0 version of this mod are not compatible with this version.

* Siim Annuk (@Some1) -- 3D model, textures
* @Modek -- Sounds
* Arch (@Kyuubeey ) -- Physics
* Aphidgod, David Dominquez -- Older versions physics
* @A3DR, Trawa -- Additional beta-testing, feedback

You ARE NOT ALLOWED to modify this mod. Please do not contact me about permissions for mods -- I will not allow it. Enjoy the car as it was intended by Honda engineers/designers.

You ARE NOT ALLOWED to host this mod on any 3rd party website. RD is the only source for this mod and its updates.

* If you get issues with steering wheel, please disable "Output real steering forces to wheel" in FFB Tweaks section in Content Manager.

* Please do not write bug reports in the RD reviews section of this mod, it is hard to keep track.

Latest updates

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    PLEASE READ THIS README! This 3.0 update is a big one! It features a completely scratch-built...
  2. Version 2.3.2

    Changelog: - Suspension changes - Tire changes - Changed NSX-R brakes to NSX; same pads -...
  3. Physics updates

    Physcis updates: - Made geometry, motion ratios, spring angles etc. more accurate thanks to...

Latest reviews

Simply amazing
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it's good, but the headlights don't actually emit any light, which is a big deal-breaker for me as I mainly stick to night drives in-game.
Have you verified that you are using the latest CSP version? Headlights work for others mostly... so hard to debug like this...
Upvote 1
What an update! I am always impressed seeing the journey of this mod. Thank you for the Zanardi & Type S Zero models, that last one is my favourite.
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Fantastic job. I hope you can get to the LODs as i have noticed a hit to my FPS vs v2.3 and... GPU prices.
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This mod holds the high level of quality that NSX as a piece of engenerring art truly deserves!
My hat is off to you, sir!
Here is my AC tribute to this iconic piece of automotive machinery: https://youtu.be/33nziSCnX_k
Upvote 1
Brilliant update ! Looks, sounds and drives beautifully. Only one little comment: as mentioned by someone below, the pop-up headlights don't work while driving (I have CSP installed, the latest stable version).

The lighting is strong enough when driving at night, yet the headlights still don't pop up. Also, for some reason, the headlights animation works in the showroom. No big deal but I though you might be interested to read about it. Thanks again for these amazing cars !
Are you sure you have the latest stable CSP? v0.1.64 fixed an issue with popup lights animations...
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Excellent mod. Please, you should create LOD´s for it, because its heavy when we are 30-35 players... For other hand, i like when ppl say "you are not allowed to... blah blah, not allowed for blah blah.." hoho man, its a mod for assetto corsa, i can do whatever i want with it. Thats the essence of assetto. If you dont like it, you should create your own game with no modding tools.
Of course I cannot prevent you from doing whatever you want with for your own personal use. The point of "not allowed" was that you are not allowed to release any modifications of it. If you cannot accept or honor that, then I guess I will also not release any updates (or LODs or whatever) publicly anymore either... cheesus.
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Very well done. I love the overall feeling of this car. Will there be a left hand drive version?
The Acura's are left hand drive. The Hondas are right hand drive. That's how it is.
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Stick a fork in me, 'cause I'm done. I downloaded the 3.0 update to this and haven't stopped driving it. And then I play my own replays to listen to that beautiful engine noise over, and over, and over. Massive thank you to Some1 and the team for bringing this to us. For those of you reading this, just download it now. Like... right now.
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i dont like the 3.0 version
can i have the link to the older one
The "History" tab contains links to older versions...
Why don't you like the 3.0 version I'm curious?
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Oh My God. The 3.0 update makes this car incredible. Great physics and Sounds on this one! Feels so alive! I only wish to see this masterpiece make its way to the "acura" model :D
Upvote 0
one of the best mods in AC
Upvote 0
Great work mate!! Thanks!!!
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pop up headlight animation won't work.
Are you using Custom Shaders Patch? Popup headlights work for everybody else...
Upvote 0
Phenomenal work! I am a big fan of the NSX in it's timeless hand built first generation form. What a great homage to one fantastic Japanese engineering marvel!
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10/10 Incredible work, fantastic
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