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Honda NSX 3.3.3

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This 3.0 update is a big one! It features a completely scratch-built cockpit, updated external visuals, extensively overhauled physics and sounds etc. Too many changes to list in a change log here.

The 3.0 update consists of 9 cars:
* 1992 Acura NSX
* 1994 Acura NSX
* 1994 Acura NSX (S1, fictional model)
* 1999 Acura NSX Alex Zanardi Edition
* 1991 Honda NSX
* 1997 Honda NSX (S1, fictional model)
* 1992 Honda NSX-R
* 1994 Honda NSX-R
* 1997 Honda NSX Type S-ZERO

IMPORTANT: This version requires Custom Shaders Patch (CSP), recommended version is v0.1.72 at the time of this release. The mod WILL NOT WORK in vanilla AC and is not developed for vanilla AC.

IMPORTANT: If you have 2.x version installed, please uninstall it, by deleting the acura_nsx, acura_nsx_s1, honda_nsx and honda_nsxr folders before installing version 3.0!

Notes/known issues:
* The cars currently do not have LODs (apart from LODD which is for far away situations). LODs will be added in a future update, if I have free time and if it is a necessity. And no, auto-generated LODs are not good enough :slight_smile:
* The Type S-ZERO currently does not have correct steering wheel (uses NSX-R steering wheel). This issue might be addressed in the future.
* The NSX-R's do not have transparent engine cover at the moment. This issue might be addressed in the future.
* Taillights do not have refractions.
* Skins made for pre-3.0 version of this mod are not compatible with this version.

* Siim Annuk (@Some1) -- 3D model, textures
* @Modek -- Sounds
* Arch (@Kyuubeey ) -- Physics
* Aphidgod, David Dominquez -- Older versions physics
* @A3DR, Trawa -- Additional beta-testing, feedback

You ARE NOT ALLOWED to modify this mod. Please do not contact me about permissions for mods -- I will not allow it. Enjoy the car as it was intended by Honda engineers/designers.

You ARE NOT ALLOWED to host this mod on any 3rd party website. RD is the only source for this mod and its updates.

* If you get issues with steering wheel, please disable "Output real steering forces to wheel" in FFB Tweaks section in Content Manager.

* Please do not write bug reports in the RD reviews section of this mod, it is hard to keep track.

Latest updates

  1. Version 3.3

    3.3.0 RELEASE PHYSICS CHANGELOG - Added damper curve .luts - Changed motion ratios of suspension...
  2. Version 3.2

    - Tire changes - Suspension changes - Differential changes - Aero changes
  3. Version 3.1

    Physics updates. You don't need to download the hotfix anymore. - Full pass on tires - Full pass...

Latest reviews

Thanks, but in the future can you make semislicks as default , with street as opional? It helps me compare the models track times to have a consistent SM tire
Un gran trabajo!
Tyres overheating so easy, please fix it
after learning how to drive, i have to say this car is great graphically and feels great
oversteers too much there is a difference between realistic and "more hard more realistic" everything else is good.
Ths for keep updating this masterpiece,most realistic NSX reaction i ve seen so far in any racing titles.
Fantastic collection of cool cars!! Thank you!
Visually is amazing. The sound is great. The physics are a disaster. The car oversteers like you carrying a fridge at the back. The tires are overheating extremely quick. The mod is unplayable, unfortunately.

Try to mimic a lap in Nurburgring and you will see has nothing to do with the real NSX.
Finally I can drive like Senna in such a wonderfully made mod!
Greatly enjoying all of the NSXs... fantastic both for gripping the corners and going on a powersliding.
The Mod is amazing in general, excellent. But there is a problem with the tires overheating.
So this is now a 5 star car..... I don't know what's changed (I'm on CSP 1.78p) But this car now drives relatively perfect.....

Drove it around Brno very hard....

Just brilliant!!!.......... BUT..... Had to take star off..... as the a.i know does not downshift properly making them very slow.... Please fix and my review will be back to a 5!!!
Very gaming
Proper good car. I only wish the engine sound was a bit better but I'm sure good sound samples are difficult to come across, it does not take away from the car though. Some of the early versions weren't great BUT now it's really come together and is a proper joy to drive and look at. Vastly different than Kunos and 95% of mods (in a good way) so for most people it will take an adjustment period which is why I suggest taking in the experience properly with a solo drive on a nice track and learning to walk first before trying to run because driving these fast requires proper car control knowledge.
So many different NSX's, they sound awesome, look awesome. One of the most impressive car mods on AC, feels official. Doesn't mean I can finish a lap in it though lol. Takes a lot of practice, but it feels like the handling is intentional.
Top notch visuals and physics that separate people who can drive from people who think they can drive.
top tier visually, but it drives like complete ****.
Excellent visuals, sound and handling. I drive mostly with a Dualshock 4 controller and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the physics. Yes, that's right I drive with a controller which means I mostly rely on visual information when driving and I find nothing wrong with the physics in this mod. Y'all need to seriously git gud and stop complaining.
I give up this mod. I go through life looking for real physics, but these beat me. I can't do two consecutive fast laps at Imola 72 without making a mistake and losing it (it's like the rear suspension bottomed out in the tamburello corner, in addition to tire temperature). I always looked for mods of the first generations of the 911 (which they say are the most difficult to drive due to weight distribution) and I don't find them so difficult. You should create one, so I compare them. Anyway, I like this mod, but I'll keep it for the AI.
i really hate to talk bad about the car because its very good in so many ways, but im gonna be honest. it still sounds like it was recorded in a tile bathroom. the headlights are still WAY too bright. the illuminate everything in front of you even in the middle of the day. the tires (the re010s) get completely roasted immediately with even a little bit of slip. i mean, ya you can overheat summer/street tires, but it takes some time lol. the way these get hot fast and lets go seems more like an f1 car, not a street car on street tires.

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