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Can the Type-R have the traction control deleted? Since the real thing doesn't have it too. Also, after the latest update, the car is very unstable and lots more body rolls than before, can we have it like the update before it again?
This is a greatest mod I ever seen!!!
Thank you so much bro, Love it!
bro keep up the good work great mod! freaking love it!
Great car mod - so detailed.
Muy Bueno
A true masterpiece after the last update.
Great work!
This car should have been standard in the game.
Its incredible, and really great to race with the Supra, R34 and the RX7.
Great work.
Absolutely fantastic return to form after 2.3.1. The NSX-R seems perfect, and even includes such idiosyncrasies such as high sensitivity to rear toe changes (Acura got sued for too much toe-in on the rear causing premature tire wear - They were trying to make the car safer for us clueless American buyers no doubt). I really enjoy driving it with the 90's tires especially, which give the car just enough grip to handle the relatively low power available. Thank you so much for this.
Awesome !
The handling is back. But the TCS off dash light doesn't work on Honda NSX-R (Acura version are fine). Plus the headlight are pretty dim even with high-beam on. Great work anyway.
the very best NSX in AC, thanks my friend!!!
I agree with kondor999 in version 2.3.1 there is too much oversteer. For all mid-engine cars, the engine works as counterweight under braking, which allows to brake more aggressively on a straight line, but also engine works as pendulum, which could cause spin if you change direction too harshly. Yes, I can confirm that real NSX (I own one) has tendention to lift off oversteering, but just a bit, often even without the need to countersteering. It's more like easy four-wheels sliding than actual oversteer. Usually, if I feel that: "Aha, I'm entering too fast and I will miss the apex a little" in medium-speed or fast turn, I just release the gas-pedal and then car starts easy sliding and when its nose looks inside the corner properly, I just loosen the steering angle a bit and stabilize sliding with gas.

Changes that I like:

1.) In 2.3.1 there is a TCS OFF light on dashboard (but it's too bright IMO).
2.) Since version 2.3, engine is more responsive, before that the car could barely move form stand still in first gear (I mean, without "drop the clutch"). Now I can finally do some doughnuts.
3.) Japanese plate numbers like in Japanese Pack. ;-)

Changes that I don't like:

Aside from over-overstering, starting from version 2.2 headlights go up and down too smoothly, which is not realistic, not to mention that there is no more light in headlights. It could be fixed by placing the lights.ksanim file from 2.1 into "animations" directory.

IRL headlights go up sharp and go down sharp (but after a small delay).

BTW, think about replacing fictional Acura NSX S1 with Acura NSX Zanardi Edition, and adding Honda NSX Type-S and Honda NSX Type-S Zero.
About the headlights, sounds to me like you're running vanilla AC? Previously I had to "hack" the headlight animation to make it quicker, but the ContentManager/Shaders Patch fixed the light animations timing (amongst million other things), so no need for hacky animation files. If you do not use Shaders Patch, I strongly suggest you start using it. Vanilla AC is not something I event want to support anymore...
great. Very easy to download.:)
Thanks. Found that the headlight beam doesn't work at night. Also the light projected on the road from taillights looks really strong, as if it is on full brakes.
car 10/10
sound 9/19
best mod i've ever used. Thank you.
Acuras are wonderful thanks !!
Please re work the version. Lift off oversteer soooo much?? It was better in previous version .. Almost undriveable
Unrealistic steady state oversteer.
2.3 was spot-on, but there's something quite wrong with 2.3.1. On the NSX-R, it feels like either a lot of toe changes in the rear (under both braking and acceleration) or a totally open diff on decel. Or both. The car now requires constant maintenance throttle mid-turn, but the amount needed then usually results in a spin-out on corner exit (where a mid-engine car ought to feel the most stable). I'm using the 90's street tire btw, but the regular street tire isn't much better. If the real NSX-R felt like this, it wasn't much fun. I wonder sometimes if putting in *exact* suspension settings from the real car necessarily results in an accurate simulated car. Even F1 teams have correlation issues between their supercomputer-powered simulators and what they get on-track. It stands to reason that AC is no different. In any case, you're talking to someone who's driven an NA1 Acura NSX (not the R, I'm American) back in 2003 (belonged to a dermatologist friend), and it was far more stable than this on corner entry. 2.3.1 feels like the time I dialed in some toe-out on my S2000 (thought it would help me during an autocross, all it did was help me spin repeatedly under braking).
Outstanding work on model and sounds, BUT...
At this moment this thing is barely drivable. It's not hard to drive, it's just sh*t to drive with that lift off oversteer even on turtle speeds.
Excellent Work, Thank You!!!!
I didn't think could improve the on board sound, but this is better.
Very funny. (firts test con 90s wheels = lost control in first curve) .
Lets practice
Thank you. A truly amazing and unique car. I have a question, how can I increase the sound of tires?
I love this Mod
thank you sir
Oh man this is a great update, feels a ton better. Weight dist. is so awesome. One of the best drives in AC. Thank you for your work :)
Nice work!
Fascinating car to drive. Now also quite a challenge. To this day one of my very favourite engine sounds in ac. Brilliant over all. Thanks.
Thanks. For V2.4 a europe version with km/h speedo would be amazing.
Well, the Honda has a kmh speedo...