Honda NSX

Honda NSX 3

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Oh My God. The 3.0 update makes this car incredible. Great physics and Sounds on this one! Feels so alive! I only wish to see this masterpiece make its way to the "acura" model :D
one of the best mods in AC
Great work mate!! Thanks!!!
pop up headlight animation won't work.
Are you using Custom Shaders Patch? Popup headlights work for everybody else...
Phenomenal work! I am a big fan of the NSX in it's timeless hand built first generation form. What a great homage to one fantastic Japanese engineering marvel!
10/10 Incredible work, fantastic
Thank you so much. Absolutely fantastic. Everything is perfect, including the sound. 5* as always
Incredible work. 10/10. This sport cars from the 90's are a joy to drive if they are well represented. Thank you :)
wow !!! the best update all time, 100% perfect, thanks my friends.-
One of the best mods even better.
These cars looks fantastic. Unfortunately I am not able to drive them. Each of the cars immediately kill my wheel (Simucube DD). It goes spinning like crazy and I have to shut it down. Just for information.
Please see the discussion thread, there is a fix.
Been Waiting for your Honda NSX update for long, Very Glad to see the TypeSzero finally come into play.
Thanks for the big update!
Wow, what a beautiful car and the physics from Arch are fantastic!
I drove the 1992 version and that gave much fun and RL immersion.
Maybe a bit too much over-steer (of course track dependent) but it''s easy to correct in the setup of the rear.
Up to the next one .....
Excellent!Amazing details!!!Are you going to do the na2 as well?Thanks
Lights on most cars have problems with the new version. I use recommended CSP version and no problem with other cars or older version
Does all other cars which have refractive headlights work correctly for you? Or what kind of problems are you talking about? Please post in the discussions, not in the reviews section...
good mod
I don't know how the car handles in real life, but those are damn fun to drive in AC. Lots of attention to details. Well done
Excellent mod.