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Version 1.3
  • removed "Easy Clutch".
  • added "Discolored mirror fix".
  • If your refection in rear view mirror become discolored, enable "discolored mirror fix".
  • If you have no error, you don't need to enable this.
  • added brake noise sound.
  • adjusted engine power and gear ratios.
  • top speed had been too high, it decreased.
  • fixed meter panel.
Version 1.2
  • added two gears and adjusted gear ratios.
  • adjust handling and reduced that bike wobbles.
  • added two options - "Engine Stall" and "Easy Handling".
  • "Engine Stall" - when disable this, you never get engine stall but you get idle creep like automatic transmission.
  • "Easy Handling" - more reduced that bike wobbles. It will make It harder to fall down.