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Hololive Motorsport (Shirakami Fubuki) for RSS GTM Bayro 6

Hololive Motorsport (Shirakami Fubuki) for RSS GTM Bayro 6 0.8

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!! This skin is still under development, some stuff may look weird !!

After a long while of me not making anything (and busy designing an itasha for a client), I decided to spare my time and learn Mudbox. With that, Hololive Motorsport is finally here.

Been a fan of Fubuki and Hololive, which is no longer a surprise as of why I started with this.




extract to \assettocorsa\content\cars\rss_gtm_bayro_6\skins\

Fubuki art and official logos are all Hololive's official assets. Everything else (brand parody) are made by me.

If you find anything that needs to be fixed, please do (preferably via discussion as I'd want to talk about it as necessary to everyone here). Any feedback would be helpful.
Feel free to tip me a dollar or cent(s) here if you think I deserved it: https://paypal.me/spadeshiro

Latest reviews

Character placement is perfect, however it feels a bit too "plain" for a racing livery, sponsor placement is a bit on the scarce side, too.

Also I believe you left nothing on the bonnet, correct... ? If that's the case you'll need to populate things a bit, it just looks too simple, lacks of effort, even.

Vinyl can use a bit more of complexity, plus some more sponsors as well - you'll need good composition, that's for sure.
yeah, I haven't really thought of what I really need to add, I guess this can be a good feedback for when I want to make the next Hololive Motorsport livery (not sure who I'll be adding next but we'll see). And for the sponsors I pretty much put it there based on what the template gave me with, but it's not limited to that I'm aware of the fact, I just need a placeholder for now as I needed more ideas and input from anyone who've downloaded the mod. thanks for the feedback, though! And I loved your Grani's livery, it's really great.
Fantastic, love that colour combination. It's a thing of beauty.
thanks for the feedback! be sure to expect minor / major changes once I've gathered enough.
it would be helpful to actually tell what's wrong rather than leaving questionable review, y'know. But thanks for the non-constructive feedback.
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