1. Charles Amyouni

    2021 GSR Takanashi Kiara Aston Martin Vantage GT300 1.0

    Chivas Autoart Presents! Goodsmile Racing Takanashi Kiara Aston Martin Vantage GT300 (Super GT) Instructions: 1. URD AMR EGT 2019 is required https://www.unitedracingdesign.net/shop-1 2. Download and Extract the car from URD in your Assetto Corsa Main Directory. 3. Download and Extract the...
  2. ars.204


    First skin I've made for Assetto Corsa Competizione. Originally meant to be for myself in an ACC league, but it got cancelled before I got to finish this skin, so I'll release it to the public. Skin is inspired by the album art for Hoshimachi Suisei's single NEXT COLOR PLANET. Art used on this...
  3. spadeshiro

    Nekomata Okayu Itasha for GMP S2000 Legendary 1.0

    Yet another livery for the S2000, but this time it's from a cancelled commission (rough draft stage, thankfully we haven't agreed on payment yet) due to the client missing for months already. Readjusted color as well as adding a bit of sponsors and Okayu just for the sake of "oh look, an...
  4. HornetP

    Hololive x Shark Racing Academy fictional super GT 2020-03-02

    Shark Racing Academy is japanese fictional racing school. This skin was inspired by pacific racing itasha.
  5. spadeshiro

    Hololive Motorsport (Shirakami Fubuki) for RSS GTM Bayro 6 0.8

    !! This skin is still under development, some stuff may look weird !! After a long while of me not making anything (and busy designing an itasha for a client), I decided to spare my time and learn Mudbox. With that, Hololive Motorsport is finally here. Been a fan of Fubuki and Hololive, which...