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Highlands Motorsport Park,NZ

Highlands Motorsport Park,NZ 1.2

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The Highlands Motorsport Park is a motor racing circuit and premiere tourist destination in Cromwell, Otago, New Zealand. Opened in March 2013,[1] the facility features a 4.1-kilometre circuit, designed by drawing inspiration from some of the world's most famous race tracks. The circuit is open seven days a week, and is a 45-minute drive from Queenstown.

Highlands Motorsport Park,NZ For Assetto Corsa By Terra21
Thanks to David Neighbour (Drathuu) for allowing me to bring this track into AC from RF2

-Add GT, Short and Long Layouts
-New Physical Mesh
-28 Pit Boxes
-TV Cameras
-Working AI
-New Terrain
-3D Grass
-Fix Pit Limiter for entry/exiting pits
-Add Audio Reverb for the bridge/tunnel


Latest updates

  1. 1.2 Update

    Added more track layouts now with comes with GT,Short,and Long Layouts New grass/terrain Added...
  2. fixed pitstop issue

    fixed pitstop issue
  3. added collision kn5 for increased fps

    added collision kn5 for increased fps

Latest reviews

Just wonderfull.
I have a few of your mods now and would like to say thanks for them all, a lot of effort to make them all drive and look top notch.
Excellent to relive some memories, as I drove here myself in a Radical when I was in NZ. The track in AC is a good representation of the real track. Thanks a lot!
Great track well done
Thanks for all your excellent work your tracks are awesome.
Using your mods since months, now it's time for a rating.
Very nice work! Thank you!
Excellent! Very hard track. Thank U
Thank you,download it now,is it the the long track version?i hope,if it's not,also Thank you,because i don't know how you made it,i have see some youtube videos,,some things are easy for some,hard for some,like me.
Nice layout, AI works fine.
Great track. AI is perfect. Thank you.
Really love this track it has a really nice flow to it and I love the double chicane at the beginning. It's not the most difficult track but there is enough there to keep you interested.

Performance-wise there is no noticeable hit to fps and it looks great as well even at high speed.

I took URD's Redbull x2010 prototype around the circuit for a Very High Speed lap which You can Watch Here if You are interested:
Great work.
Nice works, but problem with PITLANE
thanks .pitstop should work now
This track has a beautiful layout and the mod work is not bad but I had a problem with the position of the red pitbox disappearing when driving over it and thus preventing me to make the pitstop.
thanks .pitstop should work now
nice job, really good track.
Really enjoy this track. great fun and looking forward to some updates in shaders and textures.
Fairly basic rF2 track, but the conversion is solid, and runs really well with a full grid (even in v1.0). Seriously enjoyable in just about any car due to the excellent layout. Thanks.
Do you have used Race Track Builder?

I'm making a track and I need help
Basically I usually just install as many mod tracks as I can for the sake of variety and a lot of them aren't great enough to race around more than once.

This track however I tested out quickly with URD's T5 Mercedes DTM car and it really is great. I love the high-speed double chicane at the beginning. Also another real treat is the mix of Static and TV Cams in the replay.

This track definitely has the re-playability factor for me

Here is my lap if anyone is interested:
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4.54 star(s) 35 ratings

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