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Le Grand Circuit 1967

Le Grand Circuit 1967 v0.50b

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Le-Grand-Circuit-1967 v0.50

In association with Virtua_LM
Brought into Assetto Corsa by Terra21 with permission from woochoo & Virtua_LM

Thanks to the Original Creator woochoo. For allowing the track to be enjoyed by AC users too

Original rF2 track download and information thread by woochoo

This track is still W.I.P.. any further updates will be applied to the AC version if and when the rF2 Track Progresses

Some AI cars may overcook the Mulsanne corner even with brake hints applied..will try finding a solution to this if possible

If you would like to show some appreciation.
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File size
123.8 MB
First release
Last update
4.90 star(s) 80 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Some fixes/changes..etc

    Add Groove Add Lights config By LeBluem Fixed some cameras Improved Performance Textures etc...
  2. Small fixes

    Fix issue when spawning more than 28 cars on starting grid removed rF2 marshalls Grass/verge...

Latest reviews

special mention for the 11 Juin 1955 "in memorium" plaque
Beautiful track, great work ! Thank you !
Really beautiful track, must have!
LOVE this track so much and amazing detail and AI line
only thing is maybe you could add more street lights for racing at night, maybe that isn't realistic but i think think it would be nice
Stupefyingly awesome.
love it did a night race ai were perfect. track was perfect. thanks mate
Thanks Mate.
I came here right after watching Ford vs Ferrari! I love that movie and hoping someone made this track! Thank you for this! <3 Assetto Corsa
Freaking awesome track, awesome fun with the 917K and other's of the period
My god, what a track, and this is WIP? u sure? An amazing vintage experience! Thank you
good detail
Amazing work. Thank you
Love the track, but having an issue with AI stopping to a halt randomly. Is there any fix to this??? Also, ffb road feel is light.
Great track very well done. Thanks
This is a 0.5? Are you serious?! I allready love it, the update IS INSANE !!
Bravo amigo
thanks a lot for this free gift
Excellent job mate
Well done thank you.
Look forward to future updates.
Thanks so much for the update. I've been running this circuit for the past 2 weeks (driving the Ford GT40 MkIV) and the update is very timely for me. Just ran a couple of laps at night for the first time.
Hey Terra 21. Good to see you around again. Thanks for the update!
Excellent job, many thanks!