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Putnam Park

Putnam Park 0.98

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Opened in 1991, Putnam Park has established itself as a popular Midwestern circuit, and continues to make improvements targeting user-friendliness and safety. Many car and racing clubs hold annual events at this race course, and track day opportunities abound as well

Credits to Feels3 For his original work and granting me permission to bring this track to AC

Track Features
-22 Pit Boxes
-GP and Chicane Layouts
-Working AI
-TV Cameras

To Do
-Dynamic Race Groove

Support and Donate Thanks


File size
121.3 MB
First release
Last update
4.89 star(s) 36 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. fixes/small changes..etc

    Redone all 3d grass New AI and boundaries Improve performance add dynamic start lights other...

Latest reviews

great stuff
Awesome track so much fun thanks for all your effort.
Awesome work ...Thank you
  • Deleted member
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 0.98
any new updates ?
i love this track, glad it is updated.
Great atmosphere.
No more flying trees, 10/10
Fantastic track and the visuals are great, but I'd expect nothing less from Terra21. If you can slightly lighten the tone of the grass for the next update, this would be perfect.

This goes for your version of Lime Rock Raceway too.
Great little track for trackdays and slower race cars. Thank you for your work!
Great track, very good job, thank You :)
Great! thanks. The grass is a bit to vivid, color seem really strong.
Even better now! Thanks for your work!
very good after update , fun to drive , thanks a lot
Terra21 = Top Quality. THANKS
Using your mods since months, now it's time for a rating.
Very nice work! Thank you!
Really fun track.
But like others have already pointed out, scenery is not that hot. And it has some nasty bumps around the start/finish line.
Would be a 5/5 otherwise.
Nice work, many thanks!
I'm really loving this track ! I raced with the Maserati GT1 and the Caterham and both were great. Penalties feel a bit harsh sometimes when you put two wheels over the kerb without trying to cut in some places. The bump in the turn right before the start finish line is nasty, I like it :) Great work !!
High quality mod. The scenery around the track is not very rich but maybe it is like that IRL also. On the other side, the track itself and the road side textures are outstanding. The road feel is also top notch. Some variations in the trees, grass textures and colors around the track would make this mod 5 stars.
Nice adittion to Assetto's collection of tracks. Many thanks.
Nice little track!
Thank You .. Great work .. Maybe some flags to mark the corners ... 200....100 ....50
Great work , a somber track as Original , fun to drive , thanks a lot ....looking forward to update,s The car ? A group C Toyota ? Where to download?