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Gulf Racing #2 & #5 LMP1 Skins for BR Engineering BR1 Dallara FINAL UPDATE

Fantasy LMP1 Skins

  1. recoloring to original Gulf light blue, number change

    since the #5 conflicted with the other skin i made, i changed it to number 12.
    Also has now the accurate Gulf Racing colors
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  2. removed broken window text

    Removed GULF Window text cause it was creating a mess. Inked__custom_showroom_1557781384_LI.jpg
    this is now all gone and changed with simple carbon texture.
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  3. more minor tweaks

    P1 logo and Union Jack added
    made it a tiny bit less reflective
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  4. tiny banner fix

    moved the banner GULF text up so no more GULF under the nose of the car. My showroom i used didnt show me that.
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