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  1. Feralo14

    Toyota Gazoo Racing Gloves 1.0

    I made these thanks to @Tripple8 's Alpinestars gloves template, which you can find here. 2 Different ways to use it: Recommended way: 1) Drop everything into your Assetto Corsa folder. 2) Go into the skin folder of the car and search for skin.ini. Edit with notepad. Type...
  2. bastoner97

    VRC REVENGA R13 - Rebellion 2019 Liveries [WEC + Le Mans Test 2019 Version] 1.1

    Hi guys! Rebellion Racing No.1 and 3 from the 2019 24H of Le Mans, before they've switched to the Art cars. After at least 12+ hours of working on this livery, it's finally done. I tried my best to make it as accurate as possible, which wasn't easy at all. I hope you'll like it, I'm sure I will...
  3. GuiihRamos

    Aston Martin Racing | VRC ByCollin P1 1.0

    Hello, hope you like it! Support my work: Donate Hope you enjoy this mod! Consider rating if you liked it! Support my work: Donate
  4. Peugeot905

    VRC - Vendetta V60(Ginetta G60 LT-P1) @ Donington Park GP DM | 1:13.404

    Setup for the VRC Vendetta V60 for Donington Park. High downforce setting's. With high amounts of front toe to help the car rotate in the slower speed corners. My best lap time being a 1:13.404.
  5. haasje33

    [REL] Ginetta G60-LT-P1 LMP1

    Global Endurance Modding presents the very first current-generation LMP1 car for rFactor 2: the Ginetta G60-LT-P1. The non-hybrid Le Mans Prototype has raced in the FIA World Endurance Championship, as well as the 24 Hours of Le Mans. It is driven by an AER P60B/C 2.4L V6 Turbocharged engine...
  6. 02_WL_04

    ERS Display 1.0

    ERS Display This python app displays the essential information about the ERS for driving a hybrid car with manual boost. There is also a feature that will alert the driver to deploy ERS when the car is in a pre-defined boost zone, and stop deploying ERS when the ERS remaining reaches a...
  7. OmCitaro

    Aston-Lola B09/60 Signature-Plus - 24h du Mans 2010 1.3

    Hello and welcome to the 78th edition of 24h of Le Mans! This is my first real livery replica and I chose the Signature-Plus team and their Aston-Lola B09/60 from 2010. The car was driven by Vanina Ickx, Pierre Ragues and Franck Mailleux. The livery is meant to be the exact copy of the real one...
  8. zerobandwidth

    SimHub Custom Dash Overlay for Toyota TS040 LMP1H 1.1.20200717.01

    I've been learning how to make SimHub overlays this week, because I'm about to compete in a race with the Toyota TS040 LMP1 hybrid, and I wasn't satisfied with any of the builtin apps that are supposed to display information about the hybrid system. Additionally, the TS040 doesn't even use half...
  9. K

    #1 Peugeot Sport Classic Livery 2020-07-04

    Put the livery from the 1992 Peugeot 905 on the 2007 908HDI FAP. Next to the Bentley Speed 8, the 908 is probably my fav under the LMP1's. Enjoy the skin!
  10. K

    #14 Fernando Alonso Racing LMP1 (Fictional) 2020-07-03

    Quick Fictional Kimoa F.Alonso livery for the URD PX1 Revolution. Enjoy!
  11. K

    #7 & #8 Audi Sport Team Joest 1.0

    2016 Audi liveries for the KS_Audi R18
  12. K

    #3 Rebellion Racing 2019 24h Le Mans 1.0

    Rebellion Racing No.3 from the 2019 24H of Le Mans, the Art Car. After at least 25+ hours of working on this livery its finally done. Tried to make it as accurate as possible, what was'nt really easy. Because if you search the internet for good pictures, there are not many, and those do not...
  13. K

    #1/#2/#3 Peugeot Total LMP1 1.0

    Made the 2010 Peugeot liveries for the 2018 Rebellion R13. Unfortunately, the Skin has a bug on the right site, you can see it on the 2. Picture, could'nt find a way to work around it... The car is from Sim Dream Development (Pay Mod)
  14. CivElox

    TS050 hybrid REdops 1.0

    Hi Guys, I will show you my fictional skin for the TS050 , it is an ficitonal Design and isnt there in real life. I tried to do something special and here it is you can tell me some bugs and i will fix it So I hope you enjoy it^^ _______________________________________________________ Hallo...
  15. A

    Peugeot 908 LMP1 Toyota ts050 1.0

    Peugeot 908 replacing Toyota ts050 hybrid livery
  16. C

    1.FC Nürnberg Skin for AUDI R18 HYBRID LMP1 2016 1.0

    Install _____________________ unzip the "content" folder on: steamapps > common > assettocorsa Car Download ______________ Assetto land → Audi → AUDI R18 HYBRID LMP1 2016
  17. haasje33

    Oreca 07 (LMP2) #5 & #6 Team LNT 2019-20 1.0

    Game: rFactor 2 Team: Team LNT Championship: FIA World Endurance Championship Class: LMP2 Car model: Oreca 07 (DLC) Car name: Ginetta G60-LT-P1 #5 Team LNT / Ginetta G60-LT-P1 #6 Team LNT AI driver name: Ben Hanley / Michael Simpson
  18. haasje33

    Oreca 07 (LMP2) #7 & #8 Toyota Gazoo Racing 2019-20 1.0

    Game: rFactor 2 Team: Toyota Gazoo Racing Championship: FIA World Endurance Championship Class: LMP2 Car model: Oreca 07 (DLC) Car name: Toyota TS050 #7 Toyota Gazoo Ra / Toyota TS050 #8 Toyota Gazoo Ra AI driver name: Kamui Kobayashi / Kazuki Nakajima
  19. Syndrami

    Audi R18 BWT SRT DarkBlue 4k 1.1

    BWT / Racing Point / Mücke Motorsport Skin for Audi R18 (2014) Again, something different from the pink cars usually seen with BWT cars. This time I decided to do the Audi R18 e-tron quattro LMP1 2014, as I have been enjoying a race I did with this tractor. Based on the darkblue RP F1 team...
  20. JoelK

    EU Multiclass @ Spa - Sun 16th Feb 2020

    Dare to overtake through Blanchimont, or maybe through Eau Rouge ? If you're crazy enough, you can try that out as we go through the Ardennes forest, this Sunday ! Welcome to the Assetto Corsa racing club! This is the place to be for relaxed, friendly racing and our events are open to...