1. existgen

    Audi R18 2016 Le Mans & Fuji 1.0

    Fictional livery for R18 LM & Fuji included. Enjoy!
  2. existgen

    Tom's Racing Toyota TS050 Inspired by Lexus LC 500 Super GT 1.0

    Toyota is Lexus :) Enjoy!
  3. A

    Ginetta TEAM LNT LMP1 Skinpack WEC 2019/2020 2019-12-13

    No proper mod available, so i just decided to make skins for the mod we have. Mod Link https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/br-engineering-br1-dallara-based-on-the-model-of-a-p217-by-peugeot-905.26074/
  4. Full Attack On Bathurst In LMP1

    Full Attack On Bathurst In LMP1

    Today Buddy of mine Villian from Finland joins me in Full Attack on Bathurst in LMP1 class. I'll be using a VR Oculus headset to get the full experience. JOI...
  5. Pedro Lemonnier-Lopes

    Porsche 911 Hybrid LMP1 - FERRARI SKIN 2019-11-13

    This is the Porsche 911 Hybrid LMP1 with ferrari skin ! :) If you want some skin tell me Made by Pedro
  6. mclarenf1papa

    IER P13c Painting Templates 1.0

    Official painting guide and templates for the P13c. Includes templates for the body paint, body carbon, and rims in both psd and xcf formats. Learn more about the car at our website.
  7. Chisholm6192

    Assetto Corsa PS4|LMP/GTE/GT3/GT4|US league

    Hey, everyone, I was thinking about starting a league fro asset to Corsa for PS4, for a sportscar league so post a reply with your league structure preference, race length, date, time, classes, tracks (I was thinking Friday nights at 6pm est, in LMP and GTE)
  8. mclarenf1papa

    Cars [IER Simulations - Payware] IER P13c Prototype

    Update: AVAILABLE NOW! Probably about time this one got its own thread. The P13c is a prototype race car built around the 2013 LMP1 regulations. It weighs 900kg, produces 600HP, and reaches speeds of up to 200 mph while cornering at nearly 4G. IER has been working on the P13 in varying...
  9. haasje33

    [Fantasy] Racing Team Nederland LMP1 1.0

    My very first attempt at designing a skin for Project Cars 2. I designed an LMP1 livery for Racing Team Nederland, based on their real 2019-20 LMP2 livery. Team: Racing Team Nederland Livery: 2019-20 WEC official livery Car: Audi R18 e-tron Le Mans 2016 (LMP1) Next up is the real LMP2 version...
  10. Jim1986

    ADT Champion Racing Audi R8_#3_2005 0.99

    Le Mans 2005 winner for the great vrc_pt_auriel8 mod of VRC ModdingTeam. Really one of my all time favorites as a big Tom Kristensen fan. Still missing the scrutineering sticker on the hood, but not been able to find a good one. Will follow a.s.a.p. Hope you all like it! link to mod...
  11. Paul Jeffrey

    Aston Martin, Toyota & ByKolles Commit to 2020 HyperCar Regulations

    The new for 2020/21 'Le Man Endurance Hyper Car' rules have been confirmed - with key players already committing to the new top level endurance regulations. Having seen a steady and sad decline of the LMP1 category of endurance racing in recent years, the Automobile Club de l'Ouest have...
  12. A

    Le Mans 2019 DRAGONSPEED #10 LMP1 GULF Skin 2019-06-10

    The Livery was shown today by Dragonspeed, i worked quickly. Some parts of the original can not be recreated due to overlapping in the template. Enjoy!
  13. A

    #10 DRAGONSPEED LMP1 Skin for Dallara BR1 2019-05-14

    Enjoy. Car https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/br-engineering-br1-dallara-based-on-the-model-of-a-p217-by-peugeot-905.26074/
  14. A

    Gulf Racing #2 & #5 LMP1 Skins for BR Engineering BR1 Dallara FINAL UPDATE

    For the mod by @Peugeot905 https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/br-engineering-br1-dallara-based-on-the-model-of-a-p217-by-peugeot-905.26074/
  15. Peugeot905

    Audi R8C Physics Update 1.0

    Physics update for the Audi R8C from AssettoLand Hello everyone here is a updated version of the Audi R8C by me Tyler Sanders(Peugeot 905) orginally from Assetto Garage and changes made by AssettoLand. I tried to mimic this car cars performance to the real one. This car is a beast in a straight...
  16. Peugeot905

    Misc BR Engineering BR1 Dallara based on the model of a P217 by Peugeot 905

    Peugeot905 submitted a new resource: Dallara BR1 Fictional( based on P217 model from SimDream) by Peugeot905 0.1 - This is the SMP Dallara BR1 fictional based on the model of a P217. Read more about this resource...
  17. CivElox

    RedOps Porsche 919 Skin 1.1

    Hi Guys, today i will show you my Porsche 919 skin for the endurance online championship by RedOps. you can tell me some bugs and i will fix it So I hope u enjoy it^^ _______________________________________________________ Hallo, heute will ich euch meinen Porsche 919 Skin für unsere RedOps...
  18. S

    Assetto Corsa AutoHotkey Kers Script

    Hello guys i would like to Create an AutoHotkey Kers Script Wich can Read the Trackposition and the current Kers. If anyone thinks he can help me then I would be very grateful.
  19. BastiPCF

    New Track Rotating Multiclass/GT3 Server

    I've started a new public server for Multiclass LMP1/GT3 Events or sometimes just LMP1 or GT3 or GTE Events (depending on the track) on PC. Thinking about doing some fun events as well! The track is rotating every week (Monday-Sunday). Currently we're starting at Spa! So if anyone wants to...
  20. SamtheStupid

    Le Mans LMP1 Livery Pack 2.0

    Since Oreca designed the chassis for Rebellion, resulting in the extremely high resemblance between the R13 and the Oreca 07, I decided to re-create one of the best looking liveries on the WEC grid (imo). Both cars are painted to resemble their appearance at the 2018 Le Mans race, the zebra...
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