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NOTE: there is a bug-fix for this mod available HERE.

(please note that the GTR2 UI MOD must be already installed)
If you just want the rundown, the idea with these new menus/interface for GTR2 is to make the interface look simpler, cleaner and more modern style wise, but it goes much further than that. It transforms the GTR2 User Interface, not just the looks but also some of its functioning areas. If there's a list of features to ilustrate it, then it would be like this:
  • Revised aesthetics and style.
  • Revised "Setup" area (also includes 7th-gear ratio, final-gear ratio, handbrake strenght, etc).
  • Revised Showroom scale and spinner (with the choice of "new" or "original" showroom style).
  • Revised UI sounds (with the choice of "new" or "original" UI sounds).
  • New Online Voting System feature (next track, session, boot unwanted player, etc).
  • New "Quick Setup" feature in the 'Monitor' area.
  • Wide-screen and Regular-screen versions.
  • Also includes the fixes for CTD with triple-screen at high-resolutions when racing online.
  • Various languages to choose (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish).
  • Installation is done through a clever and very user-friendly installer (made by aSa).

For all the intricate details, or if you wish to see more before downloading/installing, I prepared an ilustrated
>>READ ME in .PDF format<<

Latest reviews

Thx so much! Could someone pls upload the fix again - I cannot get thru to Dropbox anymore.
Thank You!
Great stuff !! Still enjoy very much the game years after :)))
Great stuff. Finally I got a german interface. Vielen Dank !!!
Awesome!! :)

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