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GT4 European Series 2020  Career Mod

GT4 European Series 2020 Career Mod 1.2.3

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I have been experiencing a crash error during this career mod and i have been trying to solve it with many different ways even completely make the mod again from the start but i couldn't solve the problem yet.
I have tried the same career mod with different cars and i didn't have any problems at all. I mean it seems the problem is about the cars not the career mod. I have just tried the same configuration in "Quick Race" and had the same error. So at this point it looks like i can't do anything about it except mentioning about this to Guerilla mods.
I will let you know about the updates.
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BMW M4 to Camaro
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Trying to solve crash issue.
I forgot the readme file. Included now.
I realized that an error is occurring sometimes and crashes the game. I don't know what causes this. I changed a few things -hopefully- to fix it.
I changed the car to Bmw M4 and race times to 16.00 - closer to real life -.