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GSCE Track Thumbnails for rFactor HD UI 2015-04-25

Adds the missing thumbnail images on Track selection screen while using the rFactor HD UI

  1. Justin Davis
    Same deal as the "Mod" thumbnails, but this is for the Track selection screen.

    Copy the GameData folder in the .rar file to your GSCE install directory. Doesn't overwrite anything and won't cause online mis-match.

    Navigate to your "Locations" folder, do a search for "*Thmb.tga", and delete all found files.


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Recent Reviews

  1. jimmy2x2x
    Version: 2015-04-25
    Nice! Any chance of an update for Kansai track? Thanks
  2. Jarno Zurev
    Jarno Zurev
    Version: 2015-04-25
    This really fills out the UI mod and makes it feels less empty. The images are stretched of course on a widescreen monitor but they are much better than the alternative.
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