ESSO TIGER AMG GT3 2016-12-25

2000 Esso Tiger Supra (JGTC)

  1. Justin Davis
    Based off the fearsome Esso 'Tiger' Supra ran in the 2000 JGTC series. The top screenshot is from iRacing, I cannot seem to get a decent screenshot out of Assetto Corsa to save my life. Looks much better in-game.

    preview.jpg Showroom_ks_mercedes_amg_gt3_25-11-2016-0-36-49.jpg Showroom_ks_mercedes_amg_gt3_25-11-2016-0-37-21.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. themission2
    Version: 2016-12-25
    5 STARS!!! THANK YOU!!! ;-D
  2. iambighead
    Version: 2016-12-25
    The Tiger Livery is great!
  3. Bert Austen
    Bert Austen
    Version: 2016-12-25
    Nice skin ,thanks
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