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GSCE Track Thumbnails for rFactor HD UI 2015-04-25

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Corrected a misplaced image (Jacarepagua2Thmb.tga, thanks mcoak!), fixed a few stretched images to appear better in game, and added correctly sized mini track images as seen below.

PLEASE NOTE! - This version WILL overwrite some original files, namely all of the "*mini.tga" images in your track folders, so I'd advise you to make a backup if for some reason you decide to go back to the original GSCE UI. Better yet, I'd recommend you use a mod manager such as JSGME to make the process way easier.

Overwriting these files won't do anything bad, no online mis-matches or anything, but the originals will be overwritten regardless...

Original mini track image:
GSC 2015-05-01 19-32-49-20.jpg

Modified mini track image:
GSC 2015-05-01 19-54-16-91.jpg
Not really much to it. Just re-size your image to match the one in the template, re-name the file appropriately, save as ".TGA" and you're good to go. The white "buffer" area to the left must be there so the rFactor HD UI doesn't cut off part of the image...