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GID patched for AMS 1.0

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GID working with Automobilista. No need to rename AMS.exe.
Extract in your AMS directory and race.

To enable SweetFX, edit the GIDPlugin.ini
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Martin Vindis
File size
7.3 MB
First release
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4.85 star(s) 20 ratings

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Latest reviews

A hud with no lag, no wait for car to go to track, and sessions load fast, has everything needed, easy to move info on screen or delete what you do not use, Please update race session info.
Thank you very much for this. It took a while to get it setup but now it's working I quite like it.
I like how I can move the boxes in-game, so I can see straight away how my changes affect the display.

One thing I'd like to see added (or maybe it's already there and just haven't been able to get it working yet) is a Time Delta which works in realtime, to show me where I gain/lose time on each lap compared to my best/leader's best etc. A bit like the one in DynHUD.

Thanks again. Useful tool :)
Love this mod, but does anyone know how to turn off that ugly map covering the lobby screen?
Cannot live without this tool! Extremely useful.. it's impossible to race in a competitive level without GID info!
Very good. Only missing the real time difference to the best time.
I have been wanting this so badly :) Thank you!
Thank you, i prefer this HUD !
Happy this is at AMS also now great piece of work
Been waiting for this! thanks!
Great stuff! Thanks!
Boatload of information on-screen, but all of it is very useful.
Great HUD. All the info I need and easy to edit. I prefer it over DynHUD but as that is part of the game I will have to see how development goes.
Great job, m8!