GenTrack1 095

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Great short(ish) track, much fun to race on and looks good, too. Thanks for sharing it!
Awesome track! Thanks!
This is superb, not just the layout but overall quality as well....nice job!
This shows why fantasy tracks rock, you just would not make tracks like this in real life, why should sim racing tracks be held back by real life safety issues?? This track is amazing, this and Blackwood for me are the turn too tracks...
exellent track -Excellent driving
One of the Best track ever made for Assetto Corsa. Thank You very much i really enjoy it always
Excellent, one of the best =)
take notes people, this is how you do a proper track. Nice feel on the tarmac, & the ambient (wow) makes d track come alive. wish u were on d team with those talented guys like snoopy working on nordschleife.
Just Brilliant and thank you for a great track
Wow. I never though a high speed circuit could be this much fun even with roadcars. And production values that rival those of the original Kunos tracks! A real gem!
Just as good as the fictional tracks from Gran Turismo or Forza. I like taking the Radical SR8 car mod around here.
Lots of fun to drive. High quality. Can't wait to see GenTrack2 :)
An absolute cracker of a track, well done and thanks.
High quality work with an author committed to continuous improvement equals one great track. One the best mod tracks available for AC at the moment.
The best looking add-on track for AC, looks like one of the official tracks that came with the game. 100% better than these bumpy, low res, no pitboxs, no cam overly bright RFactor conversions, simply stunning work please continue.
Dire stupenda è poco...The best track
Best looking mod track - great layout and really fun to drive
Kudos!! Excellent track.
Are you kidding me? This is a beautiful sweet short track. The trees, The hills in the horizon, the grass near the road, all the little touches, in my first laps, I found myself going off the track cause I was admiring the scenery!

The layout is also very good, minimal curvy and fast, it doesn't have aggressive corners, I think it΄s ideal for the bmw, lotus roadsters.

Well done, sir!
Let's going this up ...Also waiting first cars mods..anyway