GenTrack1 095

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  1. quick graphic update

    V095 changelog: - improved textures and materials for the latest AC-update (V0.21). - raised...
  2. new version available

    V0.94 - 34 startpos and pits - swapped pitpositions (1st starts at pitexit) - added road-bumps...

Latest reviews

If this track is not working for AC right now from the updates? Please return it, idc if it's not working please please make it work. Thiamin my #1 favorite track to practice.
Not really a big fan of fictional tracks, but this one is really stunning. Beautifully made, nice layout, nice surroundings. Has everything to be a really fun track.
I have it for a long time now, but never came to rate it... ;-)
Well deserved 5 stars !
Beautiful natural scenery and sweet elevation changes. The "Middle Earth" part somehow reminds the Turkey GP triple turn.
Very fun track. Also fun to laugh at the ASR Formula car's AI crashing off at every fast corner xD
nice, ty!
Manuel Staedel
One of my favorite unreal tracks,
did there come any updates?
One of the absolute must have tracks for AC. The very definition of "easy to learn, hard to master". Those billboards with the Gil Elvgren pin up girl and the Bucatti ad were awesome touches.
I do love this track. When testing and tuning, I find myself coming here every time. Great work and creativity!
Just as good as the fictional tracks from Gran Turismo or Forza. I like taking the Radical SR8 car mod around here.
Lots of fun to drive. High quality. Can't wait to see GenTrack2 :)
This is a really, really fun track to drive hard. I drove the mclaren around it. Mine has a bug though, the grass was see through making it look like a sheer cliff either side of the tarmack. Other than that love it. Also a working map would be really nice. Thanks. The track is so great it deserves a more memorable name.
Looks very fine - thanks for your work :)
This is superb, not just the layout but overall quality as well....nice job!
Love this track, very fun to drive. Good work!
Ten stars if possible. lots of little details like the weather-worn billboards, the faded paint lines on the pit entrance, the farms surrounding the track make this an excellent track.

I get the best frame-rates of all the tracks, the mini map works, the Ai don't cause any CTDs.

thank you Sneer!!!
Nice work!
High quality work with an author committed to continuous improvement equals one great track. One the best mod tracks available for AC at the moment.
take notes people, this is how you do a proper track. Nice feel on the tarmac, & the ambient (wow) makes d track come alive. wish u were on d team with those talented guys like snoopy working on nordschleife.
This shows why fantasy tracks rock, you just would not make tracks like this in real life, why should sim racing tracks be held back by real life safety issues?? This track is amazing, this and Blackwood for me are the turn too tracks...
very nice layout, also the track doesn't look like a fantasy track at all, great work .

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