TT Assen Circuit van Drenthe 1955 1.9.5

Historical layout TT Assen 1955. Including a shorter National Circuit

  1. Erwin Greven
    Circuit van Drenthe TT Assen 1955. Version 1.9

    This is the fourth track of a series of four tracks.

    Soon the 1952/1953/1954 updated versions will be released.

    This version is build for online racing. No shadows except for the bridges. *Version 2.0 will have shadows added.[​IMG]




    - Night races are not possible.

    - 19 pitstalls. Recommended are 19 cars.

    - Fog settings add a bit of realism.

    - A National circuit layout is added. (originally build in 1976)



    Thanks for all the tips, help, work and so on!!

    - Lee Knight (Blacknight Lee, Bleek) (testing and feedback)

    - Kenneth Ylitalo

    - Legendsatlunch

    - Kris Vickers (i.e. help with x-packer and Google-Earth)

    - Woochoo (Longford!!!)

    - senna4ever (Sketchup to BTB)

    - Rob Semmeling -

    - Drents Archief Assen -

    - Paul Tienkamp from Laaghalerveen.

    Further all at RaceDepartment forum and facebook.


    3d People, 60s tents, Bleeks_Longford, Common, Crowds, Default, Ennis_Extras, Ennis_Objects01, Great Britain, Haywood_Club, Kormoran2003_roads, Rural Australia, Utility_Poles.

    Also my own packs: ie. Assen 1953pack, Boerderij2 and 4, CircuitvanDrenthe packs 1 - 8, Cobble road 512, Ground and Grass, NewXpack, Roadtextures2.



    Brendon Pywell for Bob`s track buider

    ISI for rFactor, the Gmotor2 engine and the MAS-file utility.

    Google for Google Earth (kml-file), Sketchup



    The track is not build for night racing.

    The track between the start and the Bedeldijk is 10 meters wide. After the Bedeldijk the track is 7 meters wide.

    Mods suited for this track: ie. F1 1955, Formula Vee, F21976 and 1978, F1 1966.



    2016 December 17th - Version
    2015 June 27th - Version

    Conversion only with permission!

    Packs are not allowed to be used in any commercial way.


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  1. Stig Bidstrup
    Stig Bidstrup
    Version: 1.9
    Well made track with almost Zero faults