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G (force) app 0.1

based on Kunos app, high res g-meter, 0.000g notation, better flow of the glider

  1. Grand Tourist
    Hi there,

    based on Kunos' g-force app, I made an upgrade of this app by designing a high res g-meter, seperating the lateral and longitudinal forces clearly:

    1920HD quality
    3 digits notation (so 0.000g)----calculation applied properly
    4g left/right recording
    nicer flow of the glider
    will NOT override the standard app, this is the beginning ( and not the end I hope) of a larger project.
    Might need some help in future ;)
    Any constructive criticism welcome. G_ON.png look for this icon in the sidebar.

    don't forget to check the box '"G" in the general section of the options menu!!

    As you will see in the vid, I tailored the size to fit nicely around the fine "Sidekick" app by Filip Topuzovic.

    F1 cars reach up to 3.80g's at Monza, I did 3.47g's with the Audi LMP1 :D