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  1. madmike34

    SimHub Overlay ABS/TCS/Brake Bias Info 1.01

    Get rid of those system messages on top of the screen! Now you can quickly check your TCS, ABS and brake bias levels with this tiny useful overlay. Just drag and drop the file into your SimHub main folder.
  2. dham97

    F1 2021 HUD Overlay 1.2

    Replica HUD from the F1 2021 game. Features: Center: RPM RPM LED Gear Speed DRS Right Side: Throttle Brake Left Side Overtake Status ERS Percent [Remain] ERS Used Current Lap
  3. Top 7 Apps für Assetto Corsa | Car Radar, TV Standigs, Relative Anzeige, Spritrechner und mehr!

    Top 7 Apps für Assetto Corsa | Car Radar, TV Standigs, Relative Anzeige, Spritrechner und mehr!

    Video about my top 7 apps in Assetto Corsa. Disclaimer: This Video is in GERMAN!
  4. T

    Gran Turismo 3 HUD 0.3.4

    What is it? This is an information cluster app meant to reproduce as accurately as possible the Gran Turismo 3 heads-up display, with improvements such as higher resolution assets. PRE-REQUISITES Custom Shaders Patch is REQUIRED. This app will not run without it. This was made...
  5. StoRMiX43

    PDash - NFS Underground 2 UI 2.1

    VIDEO PREVIEW (Big Thanks to A.B.G and Shifter!) PREVIEW "Riders on the Storm..." !INSTALLATION! 1.To Install, simply drop the downloaded zip to your Content Manager and then click install! 2 . Go to Content Manager - Settings - Assetto Corsa - Apps and ENABLE "Developer Apps" and then...
  6. Secret Settings to customize your HUD in Assetto Corsa Competizione

    Secret Settings to customize your HUD in Assetto Corsa Competizione

    Let me show you how to customize your ingame HUD even further, with secret settings you can only find in a config file. With this, you can change features like Virtual Mirror, FPS and more... !
  7. StoRMiX43

    PDash - Forza Horizon 4 UI 2.0

    AT NIGHT (911 Carrera RS CS @ Highlands) AT DAY (599XX Evo @ Bannochbrae) PREVIEW "I can see for miles and miles..." INSTALLATION 1.To Install, simply drop the downloaded zip to your Content Manager and then click install! 2.Go to Content Manager - Settings - Assetto Corsa - Apps and ENABLE...
  8. D

    LMP GUI 1.4

    LMP GUI LMP GUI is Python application for Assetto Corsa displaying all essential information for LMP drivers in one place (it works with other cars as well). My inspiration was HUD I have seen on Youtube videos of iRacing 24 Hours of Le Mans. To be honest I don't know if is it mod or default...
  9. S

    Remove opponent markers from mini map

    When playing road maps with AI traffic (especially 2-way traffic), not knowing if there's a car behind the next blind corner is a part of the fun. But those opponent markers on the mini map take it away. Is there anyway I can turn them off or change the texture to be fully transparent? The...
  10. Tsuka1427

    Player List 1.0.1

    This app is not a leader board, it is recommended for those who play the free-roams / drifting / touring. Preview: Features: Click a row to focus the camera on that player. Drag the row "Connections / Slots" can move the App window. List icons: l... Focused player. JOIN... It will be...
  11. HeskeyBoy21

    Haas Custom Dial | F1 2020 1.2

    Now compatible with v1.13 Update :) The slight transparent background issue has also been resolved. Note: This changes the dial regardless of what team you are driving for! Contains copy & paste option to revert to original F1 2020 UI. My fifth UI mod for F1 2020, dedicated to the Haas F1...
  12. HeskeyBoy21

    Fixed Throttle and Brake sliders for F1 and F2 dials | F1 2020 1.01

    Compatible with Update 1.14 (Upcoming 1.15 update not confirmed to work yet) :) Makes changes to the dials of both Modern F1 and F2 cars so both throttle and brake inputs are easier to see. I did this by removing the spaces and making the sliders solid and replacing the dials. ILLUSTRATION...
  13. RND_RandoM

    F1 2020 HUD 3.0.1

    Fully functional HUD from the F1 2020 Game Features only the speedometer and delta just yet, but in the future, the time board will be made as well. Textures were screenshotted from 4K gameplays, so they have decent quality and can be stretched a lot if required. To install the mod, just drag...
  14. Linx[ESP]

    Replay Icons Overhaul 1.0

    I'll be changing the rest of the /content/gui/ stuff, in the meantime check this other projects: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/clean-menu-ui-graphic-elements.16484/ https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/formula-1-flags.34924/ https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/better-flags.34464/
  15. erosshd

    Formula 1 Flags v.1.5

    To install simply drop the " content " folder into your assetto corsa main folder. https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=UBR7YMVFFGDLC&source=url
  16. josap11

    Endurance Overlay 0.10

    This set of overlays was created to be used with endurance racing but can be used for anything you like. I hope you enjoy the results of this work and am happy to hear your feedback. This is my first SimHUB release and I know there will be some errors and things that do not work optimally...
  17. zerobandwidth

    SimHub Custom Dash Overlay for URD PX2 Loire (Oreca O5 LMP2) 1.0.20200719.01

    So I've been learning how to make dashboard/HUD overlays in SimHub this week, and took a stab at making one specifically tailored to the "PX2 Loire" by United Racing Design, which simulates an Oreca O5 LMP2 car. I based it loosely on photographs of an Oreca O7 steering wheel's info screen...
  18. M

    ELemental HUD 0.611

    eLemental Hud I'm quite new to assetto corsa and enjoying it and mods very much. This is for one of my own needs. Never did phython script before, so these apps are based on MHUD 1.3 by xenicle 2014. https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/mhud.3429/ What is it? Basically, a set of really...
  19. U

    AMS 2 HUD Position Mod (VR) 1.1

    This is a very simple mod to adjust the position of the HUD in VR. It moves the HUD away from the driver to a position around dashboard level, makes it smaller so that all widgets can be easily seen, and removes the rotation so that it's "flat" instead of angled away. The result is a HUD in a...
  20. romainrob

    The Many-Faced Dash 1.3.0

    THE MANY-FACED DASH A customizable SimHub dash for ACC and iRacing Hi, here is a SimHub Dash Studio dashboard for Assetto Corsa Competizionne and iRacing. It is meant to be flexible enough to use with any car and highly customizable. I hope you’ll enjoy it. For instructions about installing...