GT Omega Racing


  1. Goffik

    AMS 2 HUD Position Mod (VR) 1.1

    This is a very simple mod to adjust the position of the HUD in VR. It moves the HUD away from the driver to a position around dashboard level, makes it smaller so that all widgets can be easily seen, and removes the rotation so that it's "flat" instead of angled away. The result is a HUD in a...
  2. romainrob

    The Many-Faced Dash 1.1.1

    THE MANY-FACED DASH A customizable SimHub dash for ACC and iRacing Hi, here is a SimHub Dash Studio dashboard for Assetto Corsa Competizionne and iRacing. It is meant to be flexible enough to use with any car and highly customizable. I hope you’ll enjoy it. For instructions about installing...
  3. B

    F1 2019 Halo Overlay 1.21

    My DIY from scratch variation of F1 TV halo overlay for F1 2019 game. In short, features list: - automatic position adjustment for playing / spectating for all modern cars - text live deltas to drivers in front / behind, text and visual live deltas to personal best and for VSC - animated yellow...
  4. Michele Esposito

    Disable single LCD pages Rfactor 2

    When I switch between LCD pages in the bottom right corner of the HUD there are a few of them that I would like to disable (like driving aids or penalities) so that I can switch only between the ones I need and do not circle between all of them every time. Is there any way to do so? I can't find...
  5. RFocnnn

    SimHub ACC Simple Hud Overlay 2020-02-28

    ACC専用のシンプルなHUDオーバーレイです。 A simple HUD overlay dedicated to ACC. SimHubが必要になります。 SimHub is required. Car settings>Car settings overrides> Red lineの回転数をACC純正のメーターが点滅するタイミングに合わせて入力してください。 各車別々に調整する必要があります。 Car settings> Car settings overrides> Enter the rotation...
  6. Davide Nativo

    Basic Hud for PnG (Power&Glory) 1.0

    Hi lads, this addon was born out of the necessity of seeing flags icons on screen while racing with minimal hud on, because it was otherwise impossible to understand if there was any yellow or blue flag signalled on track (apart from the tiny track marshalls). Problem was, the only way to get...
  7. romainrob

    SimHUD Projection 1.0.1

    SimHUD Projection Hi, here is a SimHub Dash Studio Overlay. It can be used with any car as the max RPM and red line will auto adjust to the current car. I made it primarily for iRacing so result may vary with other games. I hope you’ll enjoy it. For instructions on installing and using the...
  8. romainrob

    480 Dash for iRacing - SimHub 1.01

    480 DASH FOR IRACING Hi, here is a SimHub Dash Studio dashboard for iRacing. It can be used with any car. It is small with a 480x272 resolution. It was made with phone, onscreen overlay, USBD480 screens and physical LEDs users in mind. Please read the documentation on how to set it up. It...
  9. D

    HUD customization problems

    I use VR and I don´t want any HUD objects. I only use multi panel for strategy changes during race. I modified the hud.json file to start HUD in blank mode. In Basic HUD mode, is there any way to remove the top center object, showing the session and time remaining? I can remove the rest of the...
  10. Vegetable Tsai

    Gran Turismo HUD 1.2

    Tutorial: Make sure your AC is running in "64-bit Mode" and has latest "Custom Shaders Patch" installed! What you can get in V1.2: Adjustable screen ratio. (From 4:3 to 21:9) Tyre indicator now displays temperature (AC official tyres only) and pressure (AC official cars only) in color. A...
  11. romainrob

    Inputs Display - SimHub overlay 1.1.2

    Hi! This inputs display replicates the look of the iRacing input gauges. It displays traces to help you monitor your inputs. It comes in 2 sizes; 300x64 and 480x64. It requires SimHub 7.0.3 or more recent. Go get it! Input traces are not compatible with SImHUb HTML mode. They won't be visible...
  12. Robert de Langen

    argHUD for F1 2019

    Question: is anyone experienced in creating the mod from last year? (argHUD mod, see link below) The Author: Alex35zombi I would love to see this mod for 2019.. The author tried converting his mod to the 2019 version but it did not work...
  13. R

    Custom HUD for AC 2019-06-23

    Custom HUD for Assetto Corsa, made mainly for 2019 F1 cars as it's maximum RPM is 12500 and it has ERS bars as well. Can also be used on other cars without any problems. Please consider writing about bugs in the comment section below. Thank you for downloading!
  14. Vanterkraft

    Gran turismo sport overlay for simhub (HUD) 0.8

    I made overlay (HUD) for simHUB. Works in all games that can work with simHUB This video is outdated Last update: I reworked: - Wheel angle gauge - RPM gauge - Turbo gauge - Fuel gauge - Fonts replaced by similar GTS font - Yumi - png background Fixed: -Wheel angle gauge bug In the future: -...
  15. Vegetable Tsai

    Wangan Midnight Arcade HUD 1.0

    V1.0 doesn't come with Tachometer and Boost Gauge, you can download these instead: Initial D Arcade Tachometer Initial D Arcade Boost Gauge Features in V1.0: WMMT Gear app WMMT Speed app WMMT Records app WMMT Map app (Doesn't display the map, should overlap to official Track Map app.) WMMT...
  16. L

    F1 1988 HUD edited 0.001

    original is "F1 1988" made by carrera 4
  17. romainrob

    Hybrid System Info Display for iRacing - SimHub 1.1

    Hi, here is a SimHub Dash Studio dashboard/overlay for iRacing. It displays the hybrid system information. It will NOT work, at all, with any other game. It comes in 3 versions: FEATURES - State of charge value (%) - State of charge gauge (yellow) - Deployment (% of per lap allocation)...
  18. romainrob

    The Junk Dash - SimHub 1.03

    Hi! I found this at the scrapyard. Sorry I didn’t have time to clean it. This dashboard should work with most SimHub compatible games. At least for the main functions. The dash has a day mode and a night mode: Use the next or previous screen button to cycle between the day and night...
  19. romainrob

    Universal SimHub Dash for iRacing 1.6.3

    UNIVERSAL SIMHUB DASH FOR IRACING Hi. Here is a SimHub Dash Studio dashboard for iRacing. Its purpose is to provide the maximum of useful information no matter what car you drive. I named it “Universal SimHub Dash for iRacing”. As its name implies it’s meant to be used with any car in iRacing...
  20. Ruske06

    Assetto Corsa Console HUD for PDash (Dark Version) 0.1

    Here's a nice comparison with the vanilla one (bleh) If you enjoy this skin please leave and comment and give a nice rating ;)