Maserati MC12 race & road livery 4K + 2K

Maserati MC12 race & road livery 4K + 2K 0.8

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This took me waaaaaay longer than anticipated, changed a thousand things about it...I'm fed up now with it and will throw it for the lions.
Maybe in due time a variation on the same design will follow, not sure.
specifics :
* included reflection map for the right ehhmm... reflection,
* used dual colour tone (light fade) on the rims
* the race livery is matte black carbon with high reflection striping
* no race suit included (didn't have the motivation for it anymore)
* the road version is based on a real one, but no copy
* 4K for screenies, 2K for weenies.
Enjoy...I hope...
Grand Tourist
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Beautiful skins, thankyou. Didnt look quite so nice after I drove it through the sand at Zandvoort but I cant blame you for that!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Haha lol, thx f d review
Nice! Thanks for this, much appreciated. Great to see another talented modder back on the scene.
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Thank you very much for your nice words, I haven't forgotten about you, never will. I am really satisfied for you that you got your beloved car into the your beloved game. Keep racing, PEACE.
aah, very lovely color combination. great work!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Thx, that is a relief coming from you :-).