Fuj1ma's Drift Touge

Fuj1ma's Drift Touge 1.0

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V 0.8 Beta
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V 1.0

Come drift with me on my server! :
Fuj1ma's Drift Server

Location: Fiction (Japan)

  • 2 Layouts (Up-hill, Down-hill)
  • 52 grid/pit spots
  • Separate road mesh
  • Dynamic racing groove
  • Working lights
  • Custom track map
  • KSLAYERS (less objects at lower details settings)

CSP Features:
  • GrassFX - 3D grass
  • RainFX - Wet track
  • Lights
  • Water Shader
Features to come :
  • Working two-way Traffic
  • (X)Track Cameras
  • Proper Hotlap mode
  • Lowering File Size
  • Bug Fixing
  • More
Update 1.0 :

Sorry for the delay, I was really busy with school. So I changed a few stuff, I fixed a lot of objects that had too many poly, I made a basic winter version (that's why the file is way bigger), fixed I think all the scale problems and a few others stuff. Sorry I haven't done the ai line for the two-way Traffic but it's still coming. Also I tried fix the frame drop and I think it's better, if you still encounter problems, please let me know the section where it's happening.


Update 0.9 :
  • Changed the size of the road
  • Fixed the scale of certain guard rail (Sadly not all but it'll come)
  • Added more wall variety and others simple details
Update 0.9.6 :
  • Redone every guard rails
  • Changed the bridge and tunnel
  • Added 3D trees
  • Added track cameras
  • Fixed the scale of a few objects
  • Added a few other stuff

Hope you enjoy :)

Contact me :
Discord : Fuj1ma#0829
Gmail : antoineallardchoquette@gmail.com

map copie.png

my server!

Latest reviews

The link to V 1.0 is dead. Cloud you please update it?
beautiful map, although depending on where the camera points fps will more than half, i go from 60+fps down to below 10fps. strange issue to occur because i can run shuto without much of a drop around C1. just needs the fps issue sorting and it will be one of the best togue's.
good job! But very low FPS. It can be fixed?
Hey, thanks for letting me know, Im gonna do a bunch of testing to fix that
This is really great and fun to drive track. but there seems to be odd problem with the world scales. road and objects are seem to be twice bigger as usual, This makes me feel like I'm driving a toy car. (btw Im using VR) It's still problem in V0.9 so I think you should reduce it more. If you fix this problem, it will definitely be one of the best touge track ever made
Hey, so I redid every guard rail, rescaled a few objects and also redone the bridge and tunnel. Hope you find this better. If you feel like it's still a problem in 0.9.6 please post another comment with maybe more details on what objects you feel are badly scaled. Thanks you so much for the feedback
Thanks for your hard work !
i am loving this
Woah! One of the best touge road I've ever driven. Long and fast flowing, with minimal 180 degree turn. Apart from the minor flaws mentioned below, it's awesome for an initial release.

The only thing I want to have is a proper hotlap mode
i like it, but it seems too big. like everything is scaled up too much. lanes are too wide, the guardrails are taller than a car. and the physical mesh is too low resolution. around banked corners i can feel individual polygons like driving down a staircase. other than that, good road, good scenery.
Hey thank you so much for the feedback. Im gonna try and scale back some stuff and add subdivision on some corner
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