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Formula Rapide 2021 concept 1.3

Concept Formula Car

  1. Major Body, Aerodynamics, Chassis and Skin ... pretty much everything overhaul

    After long and exhausting work, i finally release the 1.3 update. Most of the old critique points that im able to solve, should be solved now :D. Theres still some stuff left to do, but overall its in a very finished state now

    I hope you enjoy it ;)

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  2. Enhanced cockpit update

    Completly reworked cockpit and improved AO __custom_showroom_1565441115.jpg __custom_showroom_1565441135.jpg
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  3. Tire and Rim texture improvmements, and Material changes

    After the high demand, this small Update improves the Tire and Rim textures and Materials. __custom_showroom_1557355968.jpg
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