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[Fictional] Super Taikyu 2021 Nijisanji Lexus Racing #56 | Lexus RCF GT3

[Fictional] Super Taikyu 2021 Nijisanji Lexus Racing #56 | Lexus RCF GT3 1.1

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This is a fictional SuperTaikyu livery for Nijisanji, a japanese Vtuber Group. All sponsors are real entities or Nijisanji investors.

This livery is for the TopRace Lexus RCF GT3, the car being classed as a ST-X in the championship.

This pack contains 3 liveries :
- The standard livery.
- "おつかれさまユヤ" tribute livery, for Shin Yuya's graduation. (Nijisanji KR) (Graduation happened today sadly.)
- "ありがとうかいちょう" tribute livery, for Kiryu Coco's graduation. (Hololive) (Graduation on 2021/07/01.)

I absolutely wanted to make these 2 tributes to thank them for their hard work.
For any questions or suggestions, you can contact me.
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  • Screenshot_lexus_rcf_gt3_acc_okayama_15-5-121-16-59-4.jpg
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  • Screenshot_lexus_rcf_gt3_acc_okayama_15-5-121-16-58-52.jpg
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Latest updates

  1. Updated liveries for the RCF GT3 version 1.6.7

    Updated liveries for version 1.6.7. If the previous download didn't work, please try this one...

Latest reviews

Normally I try to avoid fictional skins, but I like these too much to skip them! Would be even better in 4K, but not everyone wants those. Nice job!
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