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2021 Super Formula P.MU Cerumo Inging Team

2021 Super Formula P.MU Cerumo Inging Team 1.0

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Here is the 2021 P.MU Cerumo INGING livery for the RSS Formula Supreme.

The team was founded in 2006 in the Formula Nippon championship, and is mainly sponsored by P.MU. The company's mascot Miu Yamaguchi is on the rear wing and the front nose.

This pack contains the #38 car of Sho Tsuboi and #39 car of Sena Sakaguchi.
Livery also contains Yokohama tyre textures, Cosworth steering wheel and accurate sponsors*.

* There's a missing sponsor, simply because I couldn't find their logo on the internet. The following updates will include the helmet skin of both drivers and fixes if needed.
Sorry if the livery is very low res, I couldn't find a 2K or 4K template for the car.

Installation : Simply go to assettocorsa\content\cars\rss_formula_rss_supreme\skins and unzip the folder.

CREDITS : @Johnny23 for the Yokohama tyre texture.

For any inqueries or suggestions, contact me directly here, thank you.

For more updates and future projects, follow me on Twitter @Bakaakitoo.
  • Screenshot_rss_formula_rss_supreme_rt_fuji_speedway_14-9-121-17-11-42.jpg
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  • Screenshot_rss_formula_rss_supreme_rt_fuji_speedway_14-9-121-17-13-42.jpg
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  • Screenshot_rss_formula_rss_supreme_sportsland-sugo_13-9-121-23-41-57.jpg
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  • Screenshot_rss_formula_rss_supreme_rt_suzuka_13-9-121-23-49-4.jpg
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  • Screenshot_rss_formula_rss_supreme_rt_suzuka_13-9-121-23-48-18.jpg
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  • Screenshot_rss_formula_rss_supreme_rt_fuji_speedway_14-9-121-17-15-10.jpg
    595.3 KB · Views: 348

Latest reviews

Great job, thank you!
Nice livery although I believe that Miu is supposed to have her eyes closed on the rear wing of the #38 if I'm not wrong
You're right, but I couldn't an HD illustration of Miu with her eye closed. If I can find it, I'll update the livery!
Excellent work!
Great work
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