Fictional Raceskin for VW Golf MK2 1.1

it's a tribute skin to JP Performance BMW M3 E30

  1. microdino racing

    I've made a Skin for the VW Golf MK2 GTI.
    There are only standard-colors in the package and I wanted to have the car look more like a racecar. It's a tribute to JP's Mahle-BMW M3 E30 as seen on youtube on his channel JP Performance. I didn't want to copy the design but I think that the Mahle-Decal looks still good on this car, so I made it.
    Additionally I changed the look of the frontlights to Angel-Eyes, colored the backlights, added Hella-Caps to the inner frontlights and changed the turnlights to grey ones.

    Update 1.0b: including DATA-Folder with better Torque-Curve and Tyre-Update to v10 (139whp, Golf GTI 16v KR-Engine)

    Update 1.1: Blue skin and black rims

    maybe coming soon: my 600whp setup ... maybe ;-) (Golf MK3-VR6-engine setup with 1.65bar turbocharged, better suspensions and little light-tweaks)

    __custom_showroom_1522288818.jpg __custom_showroom_1522288874.jpg __custom_showroom_1522288842.jpg


    1. __custom_showroom_1523931133.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. João Tuning
    João Tuning
    Version: 1.0b
  2. Papifix
    Version: 1.0a
    Beautifull skin, thanks for it. But for which version? There are some Golf II.
    A link would be helpful
    1. microdino racing
      Author's Response
      Link in the description, you have to copy it and remove the spaces
  3. mTr3y
    Version: 1.0a
    Top design. Great work
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