Fictional Raceskin for VW Golf MK2 1.1

it's a tribute skin to JP Performance BMW M3 E30

  1. some shadow-updates + bonus

    microdino racing
    I've updated some details like shadows so it looks a little bit more realistic.

    Blue Bonus-Skin inkluded so it matches the MAHLE-Color

    Also painted the rims black. I don't like the silver rims.
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  2. Fictional Raceskin for VW Golf MK2 inkl. Performance-Update

    microdino racing
    added a better torque-curve to match original power of the car. Not perfect but better than the setup coming with the car which was only 78hp ... also updated tyre-version to 10

    I suggest to install the file manually because Content Manager may install the file at the wrong destination.

    Have fun and raceful easter days :)
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  3. Fictional Raceskin for VW Golf MK2

    microdino racing
    a folder-update in the zip-file to the correct car-folder
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