1. Paul Jeffrey

    Motorsport | VW Withdraw From All Non-Electric Racing Activities

    In a surprise move, German manufacturer VW have announced they are to cease any non-electric racing activity at the end of the season. Sealing the fate of development for the new TCR specification Golf GTI TCR that was set to debut in the hands of customers from the middle of next year...
  2. A

    team HONDA LCR VW 1.0

  3. kekman

    Skoda Fabia WRC 2005 livery 1.0

    Installation: Extract zip file to: DiRT Rally\cars\models\pol\livery_00
  4. L

    Craig Breen's Volkswagen Polo R5 - Ypres rally 2019 1.2

    This is Craig Breen's Volkswagen polo R5 which he used to win the 2019 Ypres rally in Belgium. The Ypres rally is a longstanding event held every year on tarmac, and is now a renowned international rally. Here is Breen's Polo R5: Here is how it looks ingame: To install, simply unpack...
  5. L

    Sebastien Ogier Polo WRC 2016 - Catalunya - Corsica - Monte Carlo - Wales - for Polo R5 2019-07-13

    Overview This is the liveries of the Volkswagen Polo WRC used by Sebastien Ogier for the rallies of Catalunya, Corsica, Monte Carlo and Wales in the 2016 season of the World Rally Championship. The duo of Ogier and Ingrassia won these rallies, which led them to win the World Rally Championship...
  6. RasmusP

    Volkswagen ID.R challenge - Top Guys' Setups Shared

    Hi folks, this is now really a setup I'm gonna share so I'll create the thread here instead of a setup thread in the setup section. I tried to get a fast time in for about 4 hours. I tweaked and tweaked, that said I'm not really familiar with setups in R3E, and found a good, balanced one and...
  7. kekman

    VW Golf IV kit car livery 2019-05-27

    Replaces livery 1/7 Installation: Extract zip file to: DiRT Rally\cars\models\sik\livery_13
  8. kekman

    2006 Harri Rovanperä Skoda Fabia WRC 2019-05-21

    Installation: Extract zip file to: DiRT Rally\cars\models\pol\livery_00
  9. Ensi Ferrum

    SimHub DashStudio Dash Volkswagen ID.R 1.0

    Competing in the Volkswagen ID.R Time Attack Challenge in R3E? Well, then this dash might get you more immersion: Included is a profile for Arduino RGB LEDs as well. Installation: Download Extract Double-click on VW ID.R.simhubdash Import LEDs.leds in SimHub Arduino Tab. You're good to...
  10. marthchyld

    VW Polo R WRC v0.95b 2019-04-09

    Volkswagen Polo R WRC v0.95b This car replaces Volkswagen Polo GTI R5. Back up the original 'pr5.nefs' onto another folder before applying this mod. Copy over this 'cars' folder into your DiRT Rally 2.0 install directory.
  11. AyrtJ97

    Volkswagen Polo R5 - WRC Hommage 1.0

    So here it is, my first DiRT Rally 2.0 livery. It's nothing too complicated, nor a recreation of any given livery, just a mix of sponsors and patterns used on the real cars. (Thanks to RallyGamer's Playground for the WRC stickers) Hope you like it guys! PS: If you like my content and want...
  12. mesa

    MOL Racing Polo R5 2019-03-08

    Volkswagen Polo R5 - MOL Racing Team livery for DiRT Rally 2.0 Norbert Herczig - Ramón Ferencz It will replace the 1st livery in the game. Use it at your own risk! Official On-Line servers will not load your stage results. Always make a copy from original .nefs files before replace .PSSG...
  13. Davide Nativo

    Volkswagen to Try and Get the Nürburgring Record for an Electric Vehicle with the I.D. R

    High Tension in the Eifel forests. Last summer we wrote about the record-breaking lap set by Romain Dumas in the Volkswagen I.D. R at Pikes Peak. The electric prototype climbed over 4,720 feet (1,440 mt) in 7'57''148, in a jaw-dropping performance that literally smashed the competition. If you...
  14. Davide Nativo

    Official 'Record Run' Video of the VW I.D R Pikes Peak

    Watch Dumas and the VW Prototype climb the legendary Pikes Peak! As we covered in our previous news article, the VW I.D. R smashed last month the Pikes Peak record by about 18 seconds, impressing with the capabilities of the sleek looking prototype over the 12 miles long (20 km) track...
  15. Davide Nativo

    Volkswagen 'Shocks' its Competitors

    Wolfsburg takes over Pikes Peak, and it does so in spectacular fashion! Attendees at this year's Pikes Peak International Hillclimb (aka Race To The Clouds) were in for a treat as Volkswagen marked it's re-entry to the event by smashing the run record. The astonishing I.D. R, powered by two...
  16. microdino racing

    Fictional Raceskin for VW Golf MK2 1.1

    I've made a Skin for the VW Golf MK2 GTI. There are only standard-colors in the package and I wanted to have the car look more like a racecar. It's a tribute to JP's Mahle-BMW M3 E30 as seen on youtube on his channel JP Performance. I didn't want to copy the design but I think that the...
  17. derick_pereira

    Volkswagen Polo R Supercar 2018 RX - Second Livery UPDATE 1.3

    Both Drivers Included: Petter Solberg Johan Kristoffersson World Rallycross 2018 Custom Grid (WIP) Installation instructions Extract the 'Volkswagen Polo R Supercar 2018 1.3' rar file Go to: Project CARS 2 - Vehicles - Textures - CustomLiveries Replace the 'vw_polo_rx_livery' DDS...
  18. Xx_SatsumaMSC_xX

    Herbie Skin For Satsuma 1.0

    Install skin by going to Steam>Library>Right Click My Summer Car>Properties>Local Files>Browse Local Files>Copy car.png To The Images Folder. OPTIONAL: Install plate by using Texture Pack Importer
  19. TimeOut73

    Volkswagen F1 Team (Full Team Package) 2.0

    Volkswagen F1 Team (replaces Williams) This mod replaces Williams Racing with a fantasy Volkswagen Formula 1 Team. Car: Driver suits: Garagecrew: Hospitality: Truck:
  20. shadow118

    Volkswagen Polo WRC NFSMW #15 Sonny 1.0

    Sonny's Volkswagen from Need for Speed Most Wanted. I made it for the Rally Legends VW Polo R WRC mod -
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