Ferrari F2004 Hybrid/ERS v10 with Turbo

Ferrari F2004 Hybrid/ERS v10 with Turbo 1.0

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Have you ever wanted to know what it would feel like driving a legendary car such as the Ferrari F2004 with the screaming v10 engine hooked up to a modern turbo and hybrid system?

Just download the files and putt the "asset_groups" folder that you get from the download in to the "F1 2018" folder and replace the 2 files when prompted too.

Now just boot up your game and try your new modernized F2004

f2004 hybrid mod.jpg

*steering wheel does not show ERS storage bar only the HUD will show you the ERS storage*

*there is 2 versions one where i have extended the gears in the car to reach a higher top speed normaly its top speed is 357kph*

*the version with extended gears curently has a broken gearbox and can only be put in to 7th gear manually*

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