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  1. Jackal-88

    Michael Schumacher Suit 2004 1.0

    Hello guys! This is my version of 2004 Michael Schumacher's suit. Hope you like it. Manual Installation IMPORTANT: PLEASE DO NOT RIP, EDIT/MODIFY and REUPLOAD Feel free to support my work if you enjoy my F1 mod by clicking on my PayPal. Enjoy! ;)
  2. R

    2019 German Grand Prix Mick Schumacher - Kunos Ferrari F2004 V1

    The split helmet design that Mick Schumacher used when he drove his dad's F2004 at Hockenheim. Credit to @Ces7MSC for the base helmet design (Mick was an FDA driver in 2019 when he raced in F2). The skin works with the F2004 - I simply removed the Marlboro logos. Long live the V10!
  3. Theofilos

    Mick Schumacher Mugello 2020 Special Helmet - ACSPRH Compatible +GEAR 1.1

    This is Mick Schumacher's Mugello Special Helmet available for every skin, As requested by another user. Installation Paste the contents of the zip inside the skin folder of your choice. (Warning, to avoid any problems with the skin, check if there is a file named ext_config already in the...
  4. Kaichu

    Apple Computer Ferrari F2004 1

    Ferrari F2004 skin based on the Dick Barbour Apple Porsche 935 K3. Tire texture used from White Bunny, Goodyear texture from Feliciano da Silva from the Ferrari F300. Everything else either grabbed logos from free sources or hand-drawn in Ps. Always loved the livery and would have loved to...
  5. Gianlucasd

    Monaco 2000s F1- TRACK SKIN 1.0

    Sponsor simil 2004/5/6 season for monaco_osrw_1.1 INSTALLATION: -Drag and drop the "skin" folder here: C:\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks\monaco_osrw_1.1 See in action Known issue: vodafone sponsor third sector.
  6. Watch What Happens When a Ferrari F2004 Chases Supercars in Traffic (BIG CRASH) | 4K HDR ASMR

    Watch What Happens When a Ferrari F2004 Chases Supercars in Traffic (BIG CRASH) | 4K HDR ASMR

    Ever wonder what it’s like to drive a Ferrari F2004 on public roads? Well, today you’re going to see from the driver's POV what happens when you chase some top-tier supercars in traffic. You won't believe how fast they go and how close they get! It's an adrenaline rush!
  7. Theofilos

    RSS Formula Hybrid X 2022 EVO Ferrari F2004 Inspired Livery 2.1

    This is a small project I've made, and i decided to share it UPDATES Version 1.0 includes only Michael Schumacher, but later version may come with different drivers. Version 1.1 includes both Scumacher and Barrichello, with Bridgestone tire versions as well. Version 2.0 includes new ACSPRH...
  8. Valdsak

    Lotus E2004 (Ferrari F2004 skin) 1.0

    Hello everyone ! This is my first skin for Assetto Corsa and I'm sharing it with you ! The skin is inspired by the 2010's Lotus era, mainly 2012, and is for the Ferrari F2004 from kunos. I designed it to be used for a 2004 season so the cars are number 22 and 23. The tyres are Michelin skin...
  9. Ghostyboi

    Ferrari F2004 Mighty Car Mods CHOPPED MCM Livery CHOPPED LEVEL - 1

    FERRARI F1 F2004 MCM CHOPPED STYLE. The size has been kept small so that it can works with the Sim Racing System Skin Transfer app. MY FIRST PUBLISHED SKIN. If you like the livery please do take the time to rate it. All suggestions are welcomed.
  10. 0n3

    Ferrari F2004 | Lotus Exos 125 1.0

    Donate : https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/SGDESIGNEU --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Michael Schumacher version n.1 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- if you have any advice, let me know...
  11. LTLGamer1

    AC Ferrari F2004 Slicks Tire Physics Mod v1.6

    Just how fast would the AC Ferrari F2004 be if it ran on full slick tires instead of the grooved tires it ran on in 2004? You do need to own the 70th Anniversary pack (and AC of course) to use the mod. Apart from the edited shadows, steering wheel RPM LED behavior and tires, nothing else is...
  12. L

    Ferrari F2004 Hybrid/ERS v10 with Turbo 1.0

    Have you ever wanted to know what it would feel like driving a legendary car such as the Ferrari F2004 with the screaming v10 engine hooked up to a modern turbo and hybrid system? Just download the files and putt the "asset_groups" folder that you get from the download in to the "F1 2018"...
  13. pablotill

    FERRARI F2004 (FANTASY) 2018 v2.1

    Based on F2004 with Williams chasis. Some troubles i cant fix: - Mirror effect - Position of some sponsors like in frontal wing, in frontal and in back rear. - Superposing zones of sponsors - Size of some stickers I have many requests, but you must to know its a hard work to try to mod any car...
  14. SuitedBadge401

    Setup Request for the Ferrari F2004

    Hey everyone, does anybody have a high quality, high downforce setup for the F2004 that is biased towards corners? I'm thinking about a setup that works especially well in Vallelunga and Mugello? Thanks.
  15. H

    Renault R24 skin| Ferrari F2004 1.6

    Renault R24 skin for Kunos Ferrari F2004 (Ferrari 70th anniversary DLC). 4K and 2K, both Alonso and Trulli cars. Includes helmets, gloves, suits, crew. Finally we have full 2004 F1 grid for F2004! Rest of skins here: eatyoubrocookie Bontkraag Bas Bouma Niko Pennanen Also a vastly better Ferrari...
  16. stonehedge24

    F2004 + MP4-20 Complete Overhaul Mod Final

    This Mod replaces the F2002 classic car with the MP4-20 on the F2004 chassis and enhances the F2004 classic car. It overhauls the hole car from the handling to the livery. It is compatible to the Realistic 2018 Season Mod and also indended to be used with that mod (maching UI files). This mod...
  17. wade.law

    Williams FW26 (F2004 chassis) 1.0

    Hey everyone, this is the Williams FW26 skin that replaces the ferrari one for the F2004 chassis in F1 2017. Im working on a big project for f1 2017 so hope u guys like this one. The skin is not perfect but i'm working on it to make it better. It's ok if you want to share the mod or use it for...
  18. S

    2004 Michael Schumacher & Rubens Barrichello Helmets 2018-01-01

    2004 Michael Schumacher Standard Helmet 2004 Michael Schumacher Italian Grand Prix Helmet 2004 Rubens Barrichello Helmet Installation Instructions: Open Ego ERP Archiver 6.1 Go to: F1 2017 > asset_groups > animation_package > scenes > incardriver > 1980 Open incardriver.erp Replace the...
  19. eatyoubrocookie

    McLaren Mercedes F1 (for F2004) 1.1

    I created the #5 McLaren of David Coulthard and #6 McLaren of Kimi Räikkönen for the Ferrari F2004 from scratch. There are two versions of this skin, 2k and 4k. I also made these F1 skins: McLaren Mercedes BMW Williams Panasonic Toyota Sauber RedBull Minardi Friends also made these ones for...
  20. Niko Pennanen

    Jordan Grand Prix EJ14 for Ferrari F2004 1.02

    I replicated the Jordan EJ14 from the 2004 F1 season for the F2004. The drivers of the car were Nick Heidfeld and Giorgio Pantano. Some of the sponsor logos on the car might be wrong as they were frequently changing during the season. For more skins from the 2004 season check out: Bas Bouma...