Ferrari 458 'chrome gold'

Ferrari 458 'chrome gold' 1.0

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More replica 458 Italia liveries! From a Florida car I found online:


Not 100% chrome, as Kunos code currently does not support it, but I've used the map file as best I can to create a more reflective surface without the issues real chrome has caused in the game. The real car was Grigio, and someone had it custom skinned with gold chrome vinyl...the car is a bit custom, with grigio mirrors and other bits, and that gorgeous custom red interior. I've replicated everything I can, from the interior colors and bits, to the different yellow wheel roundels, wheel reflection ratio, calipers, tail lights, and more! Hope you enjoy this continuation of my road series of real cars :)


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Awesome skin!
Good one buddy. I should really update my 458 skin pack as the rear number plate has appeared later in this car and it's not 100% anymore. I hope you keep ( skin) modding as I almost lost hope but I have found new aspirations thanks to hard core modders like you.
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Thank you, Sunny :)
Great! Thank you!
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
No, thank you!
Bernd Graf
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