Bernd's Real Life Weather

Bernd's Real Life Weather 2.1.4

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Presenting Mr. Alpem, or the More Real And Lifelike Post-processing Effects Mod (with a bit of humor in there ;)). Get closer to reality with experimental clouds, fully D6500k calibrated filters, and 7+night weathers to take Assetto Corsa to the next level.

Heavy fog
Light fog
Mid Clear (experimental 'mixed' clouds)
Light clouds
Mid clouds
Screenshot_ks_alfa_mito_qv_mugello_8-1-116-3-10-9 - Copy.jpg
Heavy clouds
Sundown (can be enjoyed with A1 Clear or A1 Night filters depending on room ambient lighting)

Additionally, I have re-included a file that adds new track grip settings for wet conditions to go along with the storm weather! You can find the file here:


If properly installed, you should see two new grip levels added to your track surface slider:


Some of the weather resource options include:

Fog Heavy

Fog Light

Fog Mist

Fog Nurburg Dawn

Fog SPA Dawn

Pollution Clouds

Storm Front A

Storm Front B

Storm Front C

Storm Front D

Storm Front E

Storm Nurburgring

Storm Silverstone

Storm Vallelunga

Sunny Clear

Sunny Humid

Sunny Light Clouds

Sunny HDR clear

Sunny HDR Mid clouds

Twilight 8 PM

Twilight Evening

Twilight Night

Twilight Nurburg

And that's just some of the 35 included weathers from which to build your custom weather options!

Also provided are 6 filters to help regulate real life colors:

A1 clear
A1 fog
A1 night
A1 overcast
A1 photo cool
A1 photo warm

For best results, please follow install instructions:

--open the "Mr. Alpem" file
--select either the "express install" or "experimental clouds" folder
--install new weathers, filters, and cloud textures into their respective file locations

The file locations are as follows:


use 90% color saturation
use 90% game exposure with the page up/down keys

Enjoy! My thanks to Xedrox and Tomas Torasen for their input for further improvements...Xedrox is fast becoming indispensable for finding ways to improve the visuals!
Bernd Graf
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Latest updates

  1. new "mixed" clouds, filters, improvements

    Changelog 2.1.4: CHANGELOG version 2.1.4-- added post-1.4 weather resource extras file added...
  2. Multi-player filter fix, sky improvements, new clouds

    Changelog: fixed Clear sky inconsistency fixed A1 Clear multi-player issue removed A1 Night...
  3. New photo filters, bug fixes

    Changelog 2.1.2: added A1 photo cool added A1 photo warm fixed unnecessary ColorCurves2.ini...
  4. experimental clouds, reorganization, fixes

    Changelog 2.1.1 added new cumulus cloud textures added new cirrus cloud textures added new...
  5. Full Assetto Corsa 1.4 compatability

    2.1 changelog: updated all filters to AC 1.4.3 updated heavy_fog to AC 1.4.3 updated light_fog...

Latest reviews

Thank you so much,download now.
The game feels real!
Personal impression: it's the best real-life looking graphic mod.
Uhm, what about telling us how to do the backup? Doesn't say so in the readme file. I'm afraid to mess something up.
Excellent mod, any chance of re-doing some of the night weathers that were in v1.5 of your mod
As in this video of cams I did for C1?
Very nice job. thanks for time sharing !
WOW! This is very impressive. Using multiple PPFilters and they all look great. Thank you for sharing.
Best PP / weather mod I've seen, and I've tried pretty much all common ones. AC looks tons better than default with this mod. Sunset, sunrise, overcast, stormclouds.. very natural and looks true to life. 5/5
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
many thanks for the continued support!
excellent mod!
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Thank you! Full 1.5 changes on the way for 2.1.5 :)
great mod, but why can't i find the new rain grip folder in your mod. did you take it out?
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Yes, I removed it since no one was downloading it. I thought it would be more popular than it was since it really expands the driving dynamic within the game, I suppose it was a gimmick...if you'd like it back, I can upload it again with the newly planned update for 2.1.4 :)
Excelent Job
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Thank you!
Is this any way possible to use without PP enabled?
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Yes! Graphics mods are not intended for PP users only...turn PP off in the menu by disabling the various video features, and custom weather still works. You won't get FxAA, glare, etc, but you will see the weathers, albeit slightly different since there's no saturation control without PP.

So because you didn't know my mod worked with PP-off, you rated it 3 stars? :P
Great mod, one I've used to teach myself what I'm doing when tinkering with the files. Hope to see more of your tutorial on AC forums! :)
excellent work.
Really like the natural color mood - 5 stars for that, no doubt about it.

What bothers me a bit is that the ingame exposure adjustment (PgUp/PgDn) doesnt always work (for me). The game then just won't react to changes - the setting on screen does (90 to 70 percent etc.) but the actual exposure stays the same. Is there a solution/reason for this?
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
The exposure appears to stay the same, but because I am using closer auto-brightness parameters, i.e., .17-.3 instead of .1-.7, you have to use higher exposure values to see a change. Past 180% exposure you will begin to see brightness.
Thanks! This mod adds even greater look to the best tarmac simulator on earth :)
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Thank you! High praise from one of the top producers of mod tracks for AC :)
Hey guys....if you've been on the fence about trying this addon??......Jump!! Well worth it!! Thank you for the continueing updates. :)
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Honored :)
Excellent, Thanks for updating/Improving it!!!!
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Always a pleasure :)
as places other night time storm ? I did not make it
Congratulations for the excellent work!
On my system, the latest version presented a problem:
The "Virtual Mirror" was so dark that it is useless.
The characters "cartoon" of the tracks as well. But in this case, is a blessing! ;-)
It would be some setting in my game? I use little, but the "Virtual Mirror" is indispensable in some cars. Especially if we change the FOV.
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
For me, the virtual mirror works fine, but yes, this version of Mr. Alpem has the blackout grandstand fans "issue." I am working on an update to work with 1.4, update will be up soon.