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F1 2020 FFB Data file 0.1

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(Same as before, if this needs to be taken down, please let me know, I will delete the resource. Thank you.)

A clean, unmodified Force Feedback file for F1 2020 Game on PC.

Extracted using NeFSEdit tool (Tool can be found here).

The file needs to be opened through Ego ERP Archiver first (v7 is mandatory), then the ffbdata.ffb needs to be extracted using the Archiver (it will become an editable XML File). You'll be able to look at/edit the file.

NOTE: So far, only extraction of the files is available using NeFSEdit - saving replacements/modifications is not yet available (in that file which I extracted this from). Which means that even if you edit this, you cannot use it just yet. This is uploaded for analyzing and maybe early preparation for potential modding.

(By the way, the tool also works with older games. So you may find something useful there also.)
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