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  1. B

    Anyone know how to fix this issue? CSL ELITE

    Hey all my wheel keep moving out of its own < Almost Lowest FFB Settings < Video with my original FFB settings for any game what i have tried auto detect in game changed the steering rotation to 360 / Auto / 900 / 1080 reinstalled drivers...
  2. Kenneth Jurmann

    Is there an general FFB Tool/App

    Hey everyone, sim-wheels often don't come with linear ffb. Some are more "responsive" others are not very "accurate" with their linearity. For years now, we are stuck with what the sim-dev would give us to correct those inaccuracies or design-choices. Some devs give us more values to change...
  3. S

    Fanatec ClubSport Wheel problem..!!!

    Since I purchased the sim many weeks ago, I have been unable to play WRC 8 with ANY force feedback through my ClubSport Wheelbase v1 and formula rim. In the Controls/Settings tab, WRC 8 continually says that my wheel is not a haptic device and all FFB settings are 'greyed out'. Worringly, I...
  4. F

    Content Manager - AUDI TT no FFB because of Hardware Lock..Help

    I posted about this last night, but I thought I'd repost with other findings. So, after clicking on Hardware Lock on CM, I noticed that I had lost FFB (My wheel is a TM TS-XW) on the car I was driving at the time, the Audi TT. Fortunately the other cars were not affected. Problem is, I noticed...
  5. F

    Content Manager - Hardware Lock

    So, I tried clicking on the "Hardware Lock" button in Content Manager today, and I instantly lost Force Feedback on my wheel (Thrustmaster TX-XW). Apparently unchecking the box does not help as every time I run CM, I no longer have any FFB. I've reinstalled drivers, reinstalled AC, same result...
  6. E

    G920 Force Feedback proper setup & expectations

    Hey all! Bottom line up front: I just bought my first racing wheel setup, the G920 + shifter, and I want to know if everything is working correctly or if I'm using is correctly. For better or worse, the force feedback with the G920 is not what I was expecting. I am playing Dirt Rally 1, and...
  7. Raresch

    Logitech G29 snaps on turn exit

    Hi there, I have bought in late December a Logitech G29 and the Assetto Corsa game. I have set the game with FFB Clip and LUT generator and I played ever since. The FFB still felt a little bit odd, but this was my first wheel with FFB ever (the first one without ffb was 10-15 years ago). I...
  8. Cristian Luis

    My first contribution to GTR2: enhanced Force Feedback Guide

    Hi everyone, I have been a F1 Challenge '99-'02 modder since 2007. I'm fond of sharing some stuff with you (regardless if I do modding for private purposes). This community... albeit small, I find it incredible with its talented and passionate modders. I want to share with you my...
  9. hvaillancourt89

    ULTIMATE Custom FFB - NEW update 3.1 with 2 BONUS files!!! 3.1

    The Perfect Force Feedback files for PC2. Choose a file, install it, play. In-game ffb menu, start with Gain 100, volume 35, tone 50, Fx 25. Then adjust depending on the car and preferences. Turn down to 0 any damping or spring effects on the wheel interface if available and set your wheel...
  10. Thales_98

    Logitech G27 - Force feedback stops

    I've had this problem a few times in rFactor 2. The wheel doesn't turn off, but the force feedback just stops working for no apparent reason. It's really annoying, because I have to exit the game and unplug and plug back the wheel to bring it back. Is anyone having the same issue? Is there a...
  11. SlawekTX3

    FFB Project CARS2 FFB_PRO_V2.0

  12. ThourNation

    Weird Issue with my Force Feedback (Logitech Driving Force GT)

    I used to drive with 90% FF and 80% centering spring set up in the Logitech Profiler. After this little update during this week, today I wanted to drive the first time after this update. And something strange happened. My settings do not work anymore and I do not get normal FF. I tried with...
  13. FJBH10

    Logitech Wheel Motor Upgrades?

    Hello all, I've had a Logitech G920 for a few years now and I reckon the ffb motor is on it's way out as it is barely as strong as I remember, let me know if this is completely impossible but say if I were to buy a new motor with the same specs as the one in the G920 or even one with a higher...
  14. David DeGreef

    What is your GO TO for your racing fix?

    When ever the subject of an update, best AI, FFB, DLC, or lack thereof, too expensive and just about anything else for that matter comes up a great debate begins. So what is your preferred method for your racing fix? If not listed, no offense, these just seem to be the ones most gravitate to in...
  15. Kuba Oczos

    FFB "leaping"

    I really want to enjoy Reiza's production but its force feedback effects really put me off. Now I am installing this game for a thrid time and maybe you, dear simracers, can help me :whistling: First of all, my wheel is older Logitech Driving Force Pro (v5.10 Logitech Profiler version). It is...
  16. M

    G29 Force feedback settings for Assetto Corsa

    Hi, I just made a video on how to setup the g29 wheel for Assetto Corsa. was wondering if you could check it out to help my channel a bit. Thanks, Guys!!
  17. Cosimo

    Quality of force feedback with Thrustmaster T500

    Just got F1 2017 and game is ok but the force feedback seems to be "mushy" and delayed compared to what I would expect. F.ex. lapping at Monza, in the braking zone for T1, wheels lock up, but the ffb from the lock up is slightly delayed and kind of disconnected. It seems like there's a dampening...
  18. W

    T150 FFB pulls to the side

    To be clear the game works fine with its original content and some mods. As I drove mods like the formula E, formula v8 etc. my wheel turns extremely to the sides when driving these cars, so I considered these mods may be outdated. But as I tried the formula v10 from the base content it does the...
  19. Paul Jeffrey

    Have Your Say: Force Feedback Expectations

    Welcome to the weekend people! It's Saturday so that can only mean one thing.. Have Your Say returns! Well the ball is really starting to roll with reader submissions following our last couple of successful 'Have Your Say' articles, and this next one I suspect will be no different. Submitted by...
  20. Kadirov Stas

    G29 how to turn off FORCE FEEDBACK ??? help me.

    Gran turismo sport is a good game but im not fun of FORCE FEEDBACK. someone know how to turn it off ffb on g29 ?? thank you.
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