force feedback

  1. Gigiboss

    Wheel FFB Gain problems - G29

    Am i the only one with this type of problems ? I wanted to see how it would feel with more FFB Gain, i usually play with 20% Gain. In the video the Gain is set at 128% but i have the same problems even at 50%. I use LUT and i did all the process. And in GHub the spring strenght its Off. Some...
  2. Chris Beeves

    Motorcycle steering approach

    Hey there people! I'm something of a wallflower in here, but thought I'd share a little bit of what I am working on. It's a steering approach on bike sims focusing on countersteering and realistic physics based feedback. (I temporarily mapped the throttle to the rear brake pedal to be able to...
  3. Force Feedback Settings Guide Force Feedback Settings Guide

    A joy when everything is working, but difficult to comprehend when wrong. Here is a guide to the best Force Feedback settings for BeamNG.Drive. Image credit: BeamNG Whilst certainly not an out-and-out simulation of the best race cars in the world, is a very fun game to play with a...
  4. Forza Motorsport FFB Settings Guide

    Forza Motorsport FFB Settings Guide

    As a steering wheel user, your entry into Forza Motorsport is made unnecessarily difficult. That is because the default Force Feedback settings have a lot of room for improvement. Fortunately, we can right this wrong. Follow our Forza Motorsport FFB Settings Guide and you will be able to unleash...
  5. F1 23 Patch 1.12: Thrustmaster FFB Issues Addressed

    F1 23 Patch 1.12: Thrustmaster FFB Issues Addressed

    Today, EA Sports releases a new patch, version 1.12, for F1 23 bringing a number of bug fixes and improvements. Some of its long-standing FFB issues are also addressed. Image credit: EA Sports Released in early June, F1 23 has now been in the hands of fans for over three months. In that time...
  6. F1 23: New Scenario, Driver Ratings Available - Next Update to Fix Bigger Issues?

    F1 23: New Scenario, Driver Ratings Available - Next Update to Fix Bigger Issues?

    The summer break is in full swing, but Formula One fans at least get a new F1 Replay scenario to play in F1 23: The Azerbaijan Grand Prix is now available for players to recreate the final 2023 F1 race to date that Max Verstappen did not win. Meanwhile, the update to v1.1 is due to launch in...
  7. G


    I am using Wheelcheck and a lut file right now and it feels alright but it seems that wheelcheck is not that great.
  8. P

    Assetto Corsa - G29 acting very weird

    As you can see in the title, my g29 is now acting very weird. Before, after configurating it with LUT file it was very easy to turn, the same while driving and when stationary. But now, i don't know what actually happened, it is very hard to turn at the stationary, and also while driving. Like...
  9. F

    Force Feedback Direction

    Hi, I have several mods downloaded and have a minor inconvenience when jumping from one mod to another... I constantly have to change the force feedback from positive dirn to negative direction or vice versa. Also certain mods i like to adjust the ffb strength... again none of this info is...
  10. B

    ACC 1.8.x G29 high force feedback

    Hello everyone. I own an old G29 (+ Fanatec Pedals CSL). My configuration: Logitech Game Software (LGS) V.9.02.65 Firmware 89.0.25 Sensitivity 50 900° Centering spring DISABLED ( 10%) --------------- Mod .ini file + LUT via iRacing FFT 1.72 + Steering Wheel Master. (SILENTE MOD, which means low...
  11. JUST 2 LAPS - Automobilista 2 - Update v1.3.0.0 - Testing new FFB+ feature at Spa on McLaren F1 GTR

    JUST 2 LAPS - Automobilista 2 - Update v1.3.0.0 - Testing new FFB+ feature at Spa on McLaren F1 GTR

    First test with the new FFB+ feature. I am impressed. This is pushing AMS2 to the next level of Sim Racing !
  12. TechnoSim Mods

    Thrustmaster T500RS FFB Post processing LUT file 1.0

    LUT file to improve FFB with FFB Post Processing in Assetto Corsa and Assetto Corsa Competizione. For AC you need to use Content Manager.
  13. M

    F1 2014 f1 2014 and Logitech G29 problem

    Hello everyone, After years I started to play again the F1 2014 but with the steering wheel G29 it is impossible to play it, the previous steering wheel I had was the Logitech Momo and it played great. Now with G29 it is unplayable. Even if I put the force feedback at least 10% , the steering...
  14. L

    Logitech G29 FFB problem/question

    Hi. I bought Logitech G29 for Assetto Corsa. I'm trying to learn how to drift. But i don't know if my Force Feedback is working good. Here is preview of my LOG2 from Wheelcheck. Is it good? Should i just apply LUT and go with it?
  15. LogiForce

    Christiaan's Pure FFB 2.3

    LATEST RELEASE: Christiaan's Pure FFB v2.3 (Date 12-09-2020) Donations: Will go towards improving the file and support. See below header for more information and current goal, why this goal is chosen, as well as current level of donations towards said goal. Hi everyone on this wonderful...
  16. G

    G29 FFB settings (to solve two issues)?

  17. FaLLeNGaM8LeR

    ACC on Xbox and PS4 - Logitech g920 / G29 optimized fbb

    Hey guys, there are many discussions about ACC and the Logitech g920/G29. Is it drivable? Dynamic damping to 0% or 200%? And so on...I looked a tons of material on this topic, got a lot of different opinions and tested an infinite amount. The result is really useful and I want to share it with...
  18. Mantas Jokubauskas

    Modified Force Feedback 1.0

    WARNING: Multiplayer Incompatible - you will not be able to play Multiplayer! With the recent learning of Modular Mods, I was able (with the help of Modular Mods and its' creator, ParkYongLee) to learn that we can actually USE some of the "hidden" .erp files. After I learned the stuff above...
  19. julius_wrx_sti

    Fanatec CSW V1 Settings for ACC

    Hey guys! I have bought a CSW V1 Wheelbase with BMW GT2 Rim and V2 LC Pedals. I know the wheel is outdated but way better than my old G27. Im currently testing some FFB Settings but i cant find anything that is fully satisfying. So I wanted to ask if anyone has the old CSW V1, too? I cant find...
  20. FaLLeNGaM8LeR

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Do you need a smoove calibration for your logitech g920 /G29?

    Cool calibration and force feedback settings. Gentle on people and materials