Modular Mods - Base Files [Modular Mods Requirement]

Modular Mods - Base Files [Modular Mods Requirement] 1.3

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This mod is the base for my [Modular Mods] system, where the goal is to be easily able to copy & paste, add and remove mods into F1 2020 without overwriting original files or losing trace of active mods.​


As base part of [Modular Mods], every mod that has [Modular Mods] written in the title or description must have these base files installed first.​

  1. Copy _Modular_Mods\_ACTIVE\ from the F1 2020 folder into your game F1 2020 folder and overwrite the two files.
  2. Modular mods (and only those) can then be placed into the _Modular_Mods folder, where they are only collected.
  3. To activate a mod, move its .erp file into the \_ACTIVE\ folder.
    When you are successful, you will see a new start screen.
If you do not like that modded screen, replace the start_screen.erp from \_ACTIVE\ with the smaller file from \_Modular_Mods\.
DO NOT simply delete the start_screen.erp, else your game will not load.


Simply move any mod files from ...\_ACTIVE\ up to F1 2020\_Modular_Mods\ to disable a modular mod.​

  • This mod is based on my modular system and will not conflict with any original file (only with wallpaper start screen mod, that is ok)
  • Any mod existing for the modular mods system will be made compatible by release already, you do not have to worry about conflicting mods (of course [no drs] will conflict with [more drs] :D)

  • This base file will be updated over time, as new modular mods will be released. So make sure to keep this mod uptodate whenever you are using a modular mod.
  • Since the modular system is already existing, the game will already look for a few modular mods like:
    - no drs zones; - more drs zones; - no fog at nightraces; - reverse grid f1; - f1 performance mod; - myteam performance mod; - f1 team liveries (original chassis).

  • Don't worry, that does not mean, you need all these mods. It means, if you install one or more of these, the game will already be ready for it.
Example picture for active modular mods in their correct place.​
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Latest updates

  1. updated and added assetgroup files for fixing More DRS and NO DRS mods

    Changelog 1.3: updated and added assetgroup files for fixing More DRS and NO DRS mods there...
  2. updated the assetgroup file for MyTeam Livery & Package template

    Changelog 1.2: updated the assetgroup file for MyTeam Livery & Package template...
  3. - updated the assetgroup file for "MyTeam for All Teams" usage

    Changelog 1.1: updated the assetgroup file for MyTeam for All Teams usage...
  4. fixed infinite loading screen, when removing the start_screen.erp

    If you do not like the new modded start screen and want to use others or the default, replace...

Latest reviews

La rompiste
BEGINNER FRIENDLY!!! this is honestly the easiest way to put custom mods in your game if using the erp archiver. the creator has already added the needed files into a simple drag and drop (once done importing custom files) erp and you simple disable it or enable it at your need. if you're scared of modding your game or afraid of screwing anything up then give this Modular system a try. Super simple, beginner friendly, takes no time at all, saves a ton of time and brilliant.
Yeah, I just wish some modcreators would actually use the system and the templates ... but no, they stick to original game files.
The whole purpose of all my templates was to have them create easy drag & drop files, so the users do not need to mess with EEA, but yeah ...
Works like a charm, excellent! I just wish more modders would use this system. Any chance of making a mod that increases grip in wet/rain sessions?
Keep up the great work!
Thanks for the rating. There is an Ultra grip mod (not mine) existing and it seems you can only increase grip in general, dry and wet and also the A.I. will profit (and let's be honest: the A.I. is already too fast enough in rain).
You can use my modular performance template mod and check the edited lines from the "Ultra grip & car stability" and create your personal stuff ;-)
Works perfectly, thank you
Thank you for the rating and for giving it another chance =)
This is amazing. Tried with both the No Fog and Reversed Grid modular mods, both work fine. Really handy way of modding without messing the file system up. Recommend all other modders to check this out and try and adapt to this system.
Thank you very much for your rating! Glad, you enjoy it.
nice job but if u add a tutorial video it would be useful
Thanks for the rating, I did as you requested and added a tutorial video.
Crash my game
Please check out the update and tell me if that resolves your issue, thanks.
And sorry for the inconvenience.